Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time winding down on Mall of America Field

The month of April is just about to begin Monday and with that we can think even more about the NFL draft. My next thought is the NFL season gets that much close. A historic year as we say goodbye to the Metrodome.

The beginning of baseball starts Monday at Target Field. The Twins like the Vikings shared this place we call the Metrodome for years until the name was switched to Mall of America Field.

I look at this facility and think of all the memories I have and all the events this place held. I was 14 years old when the ground breaking occurred on December 20th, 1979 and the building opened April 3, 1982 my junior year in high school.

I looked into what it cost and the number I find is 124 million dollars and now in 2016 the new stadium will be around a billion dollars.  The price of everything is crazy. I got my license and gas was .99 cents a gallon and now we face 3.50-4.00 a gallon. Oh I wish we had .99 cents again. The cost of two stadiums with one 124 million, and now face almost a billion in the price tag.

I go back in memories as a kid I got to go to the old Met in Bloomington with my dad. I have been a Vikings season Ticket holder for 14 years going to Mall of America Field and now my hopes to be part of the new stadium.

Mall of America Field is coming to an end but not without so many memories either being there in person or watching games on TV.

The Twins played in there from 1982 to 2009 and during that span they hosted the 1985 All Star Game. I remember paying 2.00 to sit upper beck behind home plate at the home run derby.

Who can ever forget the World Series in 1987 and 1991 watching the home town boys wins 2 world titles. The Homer Hanky waving was a sight to never forget. I never did get to attend any of the games though just watched on TV.

I have a memory amongst many but this one was the Oakland A’s- Minnesota Twins. A’s slugger Dave Kingman hit a ball into the ceiling only to not come back and they ruled it a automatic double. I will never forget looking and waiting for it to come down.

The Metrodome was the sight of 3 baseball players collecting their 3000th hit. They were Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield and Cal Ripken Jr.  Chicago White Sox slugger, Frank Thomas got his 500th home run there as well.

The NCAA Men’s basketball tourney was held here. There were 10 different years here as it hosted 3 Midwest regionals, 4 round 1 and 2’s,  1 time called the Minneapolis Region and finally 2 Final Fours (1992 and 2001) in which Duke won the title both times.

The Minnesota state high school football Prep Bowls have been held here. The Gophers baseball team played here along with the Gophers football team called the facility their home until they moved into their new home called TCF Bank Stadium.

The Minnesota Timberwolves call this their home also in the 1989-90 year in which they drew an NBA record 1,072,572 fans that season. They also had the largest single game record on April 17th, 1990 vs. Denver in which the attendance was 49,551.

The concerts, the monster trucks and so much more called this their home at times for a night or two.

The last part in which I have the most memories with one season left is the Vikings. In regards to football the Metrodome known in the past played host to the Super Bowl in 1992 when the Washington Redskins beat the Buffalo Bills.

Onto the Vikings memories with both bad and good as I start with heart break. I was in attendance at the NFC Championship game when Atlanta shocked the Vikings.

January 3, 1983 Dallas Cowboys running back, Tony Dorsett on Monday night football ran 99 yards which was the longest run in NFL history.

September 30, 2007 Brett Favre threw his NFL record breaking touchdown pass to Greg Jennings. I was at that game and have to admit I clapped as it was history and I was there to see it.

November 4th, 2007 2 NFL records went down as Chargers Antonio Cromartie returned a missed field goal 109 yards which the longest play in history. Adrian Peterson ran for 296 yards breaking the single game record.

November 30, 2008 Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte threw a 99 yard touchdown to Bernard Berrian tying the longest pass.

The Brett Favre to Greg Lewis touchdown against the 49ers was not a record but a game to never forget.

Oct 5, 2009 more history as Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre leads the Vikes over the Packers and became the first quarterback in NFL history to beat each of the 32 teams in the league.

What does 2013 hold in store for Vikings fans? What memories will we have? It is sad yet exciting and I will be part of it.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

NFC loaded already, reloads

The Minnesota Vikings as we know by now made a big splash signing away from the Packers Greg Jennings. The addition of quarterback Matt Cassel appears to be a great move.

The NFC North is the best division in football but I look around and seeing other divisions making moves as well which is very concerning.

I look at the San Francisco 49ers who just lost to Baltimore in the pas t Super Bowl. They lose Randy Moss but add Anquan Boldin. The 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is back for year 2 as starter although last season he was inserted mid-way in. The running game is already tough with Frank Gore ripping it up.

The Seattle Seahawks lead by now quarterback, Russell Wilson coming into his second year as well. The addition of Percy Harvin just made that team just that much better.

The 49ers and Seahawks already have very good defenses while on the offensive side of the ball made moves to make both teams equally concerning.

The Atlanta Falcons lose in the NFC Championship game to San Francisco. This team is already built to win with a young quarterback, Matt Ryan and the receivers, Roddy White and Julio Jones are young, speedy and big. Tight End, Tony Gonzalez was thought to be leaning towards retirement. The NFC did not get so luck as back he comes. The running game I thought was very good with Michael Turner leading the way. I guess I was wrong because they only go out and make a big splash with the signing of former Rams, Steven Jackson. The rich just get richer.  The defense then adds a veteran defensive end from the Giants, Osi Umenyiora.

These 4 teams, the Vikings, Seahawks, 49ers and Falcons were in last season’s playoff and what do they do? They add players that will make each of these 4 just that much more dangerous.

The quarterbacks in this conference are top notch as well with Rodgers (Packers) Brees (Saints) Romo (Cowboys) Stafford (Lions) Cutler (Bears). Do I need to say more? Then you have youngsters as I mentioned previous in Kaepernick (49ers) Wilson (Seahawks), RGIII (Redskins), Cam Newton (Panthers.) This conference is loaded with talent.

In the end the Vikings quarterback Ponder will make a name for himself as he will have a banner 2013 season I predict. My thought if he can put together 16 games together like he did last season against the Packers and 49ers we will be in for a fun historic year.

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Vikings draft party mania

I am a Vikings fan who is counting down the days to the draft and although I do not know an exact date for training camp I know the end of July early August is when it usually begins. It is on that basis I am counting down for camp as well.

It will be my 20th year making the trip to Mankato. The memories each year as well as the people I meet each year are just a part of the experience.

The Vikings organization already has me pumped with the signing of Greg Jennings and Matt Cassel. I envision this year’s border battle with the Packers as just that much better. The signing of a veteran quarterback I support 100 percent and look forward to Ponder and Cassel. The resigning of the team’s keys free agents is good news as well.

The draft party will be Thursday April 25th at Mall of America Field. I hope you can join me along with thousands of purple crazed fans.

The recent announcement made by the organization about Saturday April 27th called Vikings day I look forward to being part of this as a fan.

The next announcement made on Thursday March 28th was the Vikings will be unveiling their new jersey at the draft party at Mall of America Field on Thursday April 25th.

It will be a historic season with this being the last time the Vikings will play at MOA field. There are memories to be made as each game played inches closer to playing in TCF Bank Stadium followed by the brand new stadium due to open in 2016.

I never want to rush life away but would be lying if I did not admit I cannot wait to April 25th and the NFL draft.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big news Viking fans

I am already excited for the draft party Thursday April 25th at Mall of America Field and then I got more exciting info Wednesday night to pass on to you die hard Vikings fans.

The team has announced that on Saturday April 27th there will be an event called Vikings football Day. It will be held from 10-4. The cost is 10.00 for general admission with kids 12 and under getting in for free.

There is also a reduction in price if you buy tickets for the draft party and Vikings football day. The cost is 15.00 that will get you into both events. Kids 12 and under are still free. This would save 5.00 because the cost is 10.00 for with either one and if you want to do both well then pay the 15.00 and have a fun couple of days taking in a lot of draft coverage.

The Vikings day has a lot to offer for kids and adults. There will be current player and alumni signing autograph session. The kids will also get a kids only autograph session.

We will get to see the introduction of the first round draft pick or picks. I am totally psyched for this. It is history with the first Vikings football day. How many times have we had to watch the into on TV well not this year we can see it live.

There will be inflatable games for the kids along with football skills areas. A tour of the Mall of America Field locker room will also be available which I highly recommend.

The kids will also get a Q and A session with a current Vikings player.

The NFL draft coverage will be going as well so you can see how other teams are doing.

The only thing I have left to say is I wish tomorrow was the draft because the Vikings organization is really doing something to help the fans feel involved.

These 2 days at MOA field are going to be something never to forget as we are looking at history with this being the last year of the dome.

Please come join me and all the other crazy Vikings fans in having a blast.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hard to contain my excitement for 2013 season

The concerns about the team and specifically the wide receiver position got the best news a fan could hear on Friday night.

Friday I was traveling to a wedding located about an hour from Green Bay when my wife read to me by way of twitter the announcement I was hoping for. The speculation that the talks between the Vikings and Greg Jennings group may last into Saturday was what I was hearing. I am so glad it was wrong because Friday night my drive was just that much better.

One man does not make a team by any means in any sport but a signing of an athlete like this gets me even more fired up for the 2013 season.

Saturday as a Vikings fan knowing I was in Wisconsin and my beloved Vikings got a huge lift. It was a hope the team would sign a free agent wide receiver but to get Jennings in my mind was a pleasant surprise.

I did go to a store to buy a local paper with front page story having Jennings leaves for Vikings. If there ever was a doubt that I heard wrong it was in black and white.

I look at the upcoming Vikings offensive side of the ball and here is what I see. The resigning of free agent Phil Loadholt now keeps in tack an offensive line that was dominating in the running game. I believe the pass protection was pretty decent but now has the chance to get even better with a unit that has one year experience together. The two tackles, Loadholt and Matt Kalil are both locked up for a few years. I am so excited to see this unit destroy opposing defensive lines.

The Vikings have the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson. Who knows what the limit is for him? I feel very good about backup Toby Gerhart as well. It is a great 1-2 punch to have on a roster. A man who finished second is history in rushing total yards and a man who finished runner up in the Heisman trophy race in college is quite the combo and add they are young should give even more reason for optimism.

The tight end position with Kyle Rudolph and John Carlson can only get better. Rudolph a late addition to the Pro Bowl turns in a performance to get the MVP of the game. The size and catching ability of Rudolph I am hoping the team uses him more often in the red zone over and over. The hope for Carlson is to forget last year and get on the field in 2013 and show why the team thought so highly of him to give him the contract. I am so excited for the combo of these young men’s talent.

The wide receiver I am really high on with the addition of Greg Jennings, a former Viking thorn in the side when playing for the Packers, is now in Purple. The experience Greg has against NFC North teams is invaluable. I really am excited to see Jerome Simpson show his athletic ability with speed and leaping ability. The experience 2012 draft choice, Jarius Wright got late last season will be beneficial to the team as I expect he will be suited up all 16. I think just these 3 guys names alone should give Vikings fans reason to be optimistic.

The quarterback situation with Christian Ponder will be up to Ponder to quiet his critics. He played 2 of the best games last season both in home wins over San Francisco and Green Bay proves he can do it. I might be in the minority but I believe in Ponder. The addition of Matt Cassel gives me that comfort with his veteran status. I am excited to see Ponder and Cassel work together to give Ponder the confidence he needs in being the starter.

I am so pumped for this offensive unit to build on last year’s success and ending up in the playoffs after so many doubters. I am a fan from start to finish.

I leave with this thought with players willing to jump ship. The NFC North has seen Packers stars, Brett Favre, Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell and now Greg Jennings leave for Minnesota. The Vikings have seen Chester Taylor leave for Chicago and in turn Bears player Bernard Berrian came to Minnesota. It makes the already fun NFC North just that much more awesome.

The Packers-Vikings rivalry I believe just got heated up more if that is possible as 2012 the Vikings beat Green Bay on a last second field goal to make the playoffs then the next week the Packers knock the Vikings out of the playoffs. Friday March 15, 2013 former Packers, Greg Jennings signs with the Vikings so let the battle begin between fans and the teams.

We have lived through the Brett Favre, Longwell and Sharper changing teams and now the Vikes welcome number 15, Greg Jennings. Welcome to Minnesota Greg.

I will look at the defensive side of the ball coming soon as I know there are holes that need to be filled and with that I believe will come by the draft.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Agency off and running

The NFL Christmas season began Wednesday when free agency began. I love this time in which I follow twitter real close along reading different web sites to see who goes where and what money was agreed on.

The NFC North in the early stages saw the Vikings sign most of their own free agents and on Thursday signed the first free agent not on last year’s roster. Matt Cassel has agreed to a contract. I really like the signing bringing a veteran quarterback in. The playoff loss in Green Bay had to help the decision in bringing in a veteran. I still hope the Vikes keep Joe Webb and get him some more work in minicamp and training camp.

The Vikings did lose free agent linebacker, Jasper Brinkley to the Arizona Cardinals. I was disappointed after last season having 99 tackles and showing promise for a bright future.It would have been nice to see him progress in purple but now all I can say is good luck, Jasper.

The Chicago Bears had major offensive line issues last season so this week the team signed former Saint, Jermon Bushrod to play tackle for Chicago. They also added a tight end former Giant, Martellus Bennett for another weapon for Jay Cutler.

The Detroit Lions made a big signing when they signed Reggie Bush. This is a concerning signing for the Vikings as they will really need to play close attention to Bush who is very good at catching balls out of the backfield. It was a signing good for the Lions but not for the rest of the division.

In looking at the rest of the league it seems any time a team wins a Super Bowl the team gets dismantled. The Baltimore Ravens are feeling the wrath this week. Ray Lewis announced his retirement with the assumption that Dannell Ellerbe would be the heir to play middle linebacker. The shocking news came when Ellerbe accepted the Miami Dolphins offer. Paul Krueger who I had read would be a priority to resign left for Cleveland Browns. Cary Willliams who started all 16 games as a defensive back for Baltimore went to the Giants. Anquan Boldin, wide receiver was dealt to the 49ers. Ed Reed long time star safety is on the market as well as he is visiting Houston Friday. This team has been so defensive minded has taken some huge blows. Will this team be able to recover and continue their winning ways?

New England quarterback Tom Brady restructures to free up some money with people like his favorite receiver Wes Welker a free agent. I believe this was my shock of the week when Denver signed Welker to a 2 year contract. I really liked Denver last year and it is my opinion that this move may make them the team to beat in the AFC. I realize the secondary is a concern especially the way the season ended against the Ravens.

New England then signs Danny Amendola to a contract to replace Welker. It is not a surprise a receiver was signed so soon to replace Welker but the money Amendola got was my shocker. He got more money than Welker who has two years in a row gone over 100 receptions with 122 and 118.

New England signed free agent former Seahawk, Leon Washington, kick return specialist who is no stranger to scoring touchdowns. The NFC West I am sure is not disappointed he is gone as well as the Vikings who travel to Seattle later this year.

Atlanta Falcons who I believe are already strong got just that much better when they signed free agent running back former Ram, Steven Jackson. What a present for the Falcons fans.

A surprise to me was when I saw free agent running back, Shonn Greene sign with the Tennessee Titans. Greene comes from the Jets and signs with a team that already has Chris Johnson. It just seemed he would want to go to a team where he could be the number one running back.

It has only been a few days in to free agency and so far big bucks and shocking developments is the theme.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vikings continue youth push

The 2011 season had ended with a miserable record of 3-13. We as fans had to wonder what are on earth is the organization going to do to get the ship moving north.

The philosophy was conveyed strongly in 2012 that the youth movement is going to occur. It did at that as the Vikings drafted 10 players and 8 of those cracking the final 53. The eight not only made the final roster of 53 they contribute heavily. A new starting left tackle, Matt Kalil along with starting safety, Harrison Smith.

The team released veteran kicker, Ryan Longwell in favor of a 6th round draft choice, Blair Walsh and look how that turned out.

The names Rhett Ellison, Robert Blanton, Josh Robinson, Jarius Wright, Audie Cole represented themselves well. Greg Childs goes out for the season and Trevor Guyton was cut in camp. What a draft class and I hope for 2013 to go as well.

The team ends 10-6 and now the pressure to get better is building as the opponents in 2013 will be very tough. The Vikings plays the Super Bowl Champion, Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore along with the rest of that division for something to think about for fans.

The combine is over with plenty of talent shown for GM’s and the team coming up in the April draft.

The 2013 season is really not that far away.  What is the Vikings plan? Is the team going to go through free agency a little if at all, or will the draft produce players for the Vikings future?

This week has been full of fans I’ve talked to concerned after the trade of Percy to Seattle. What receivers do we have left?

It seemed like the Percy talk was nonstop with the fans and the radio I listen to. I am finding more people after things settled down ok with Harvin leaving. I have mixed feelings only based on his talent.

It was being talked about and before fans could get over that news the announcement of the release of Antoine Winfield came. This news really caught me off guard. I know he was due 7 million plus this season but still shocked me.

I know it is a business and Antoine is not getting any younger but I will still miss watching him play in Purple. I have to be honest this hurts more than the Harvin saga. Life will go on and so will I but I have not enjoyed watching a defensive player like I did Winfield.

He is short in stature at 5’9 inches and weighs 180 but he play so much bigger. If every player played with the heart he has this already awesome sport would be that much better.

How many times did we hear commentators remark how Winfield would take a big tight end down? Antoine was the best tackler we had in some time and will be missed.

I will go as far as he might just be one of the best free agents in recent history the Vikings signed. If you ever got to meet him you would see the smile of a man who cared for his fans and I will always be thankful to what he brought to the state of Minnesota. Good Luck Antoine in your future you will be missed.

The Vikings had 10 free agents on their own team and thus far has done a nice job of retaining them.

The resigning of Jerome Simpson I liked. He was out the first 4 games last season so I am excited to see how he does in 16 games. He has the speed and jumping ability so will he use this to his advantage?

The Jerome Felton coming back is huge especially if he can continue his contributions in helping Adrian break the 2500 mark this year.

Erin Henderson and Jamarca Sanford coming back as well helps keep the defense together. Erin I am most happy for. He has come the hard way being an undrafted rookie and working his way to a starter. Jamarca I love on special teams and his big hits when he plays safety.

I trust Rick Spielman and the rest of the organization as I know there are a lot of nervous fans out there after watching Harvin and Winfield leave. I can’t wait to see the answers one way or the other with free agency or the draft.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Harvin question is now answered

A subject that seemed to never end with speculation daily on will they or won’t they. The question, will the Vikings trade Percy Harvin or not?

The answer came on Monday March 11th and now it is a smorgasbord of relief, happiness, sorrow and upset as some of the descriptive words in talking to fans.

My opinion is a day of slight sadness only because of the plays we witnessed early in the 2012 and his career. I am not in the locker room on a daily basis so to go off what is reporting is tough but with each passing it was getting harder not to believe the team would break ties with Harvin and send him on his way.

My only hope if a trade would be made my hope is the Vikings organization would get a high draft pick if not more.

My wish came true in my estimation getting a first and 7th round this year and a middle round pick in 2014. You never know with the draft if the Vikings will offer a package deal. It is nice to have extra picks especially if the team stays with the youth movement. I cannot stress enough what a wonderful job I thought the organization did with the 2012 draft so now it’s a matter of continuing the building mode.

The timing of this not so shocking trade happens on the eve of free agency spending literally just around the corner with the clock ticking down until March 12th.

The Vikings and Seattle have had ties before. On March 24, 2006 Nate Burleson, former Vikings draft pick signed an offer sheet of 7 years 49 million which the Vikings did not match. If you remember right the Vikings signed away long time Seahawks player, Steve Hutchinson.

2011 was the next year when Tarvaris Jackson signed a 2 year deal on July 29th. Sidney Rice signed in 2011 as well. The same year the Vikings lost a coach to Seattle. Darrell Bevell became the Seahawks new offensive coordinator.

Vikings special teams star Heath Farwell went west as well joining Seattle.

The Vikings played the NFC Championship game against New Orleans and playing for the Vikings were Harwell, Rice, Jackson and Harvin. Coach Bevell now has Rice and Harvin as part of his offense.

In looking at the start of Percy Harvin, he was drafted number 22 in the first round on April 25, 2009. He was named Rookie of the Year in 2009 and quickly became a favorite of Brett Favre.

The 2013 draft starts on Thursday April 25th and Seattle gave the Vikings the 25th pick in the first round.

4 years apart but the same date and Harvin comes at 22 and the Vikings get the 25th. These numbers are very interesting to look at.

Harvin came at 22 and now the Vikings have 23 and 25 for now is there a Percy type player at these numbers? My opinion is yes.

I will not say I know Percy by any means but did meet him every year at Training Camp and he was extremely courteous to fans when he would stop.

 I did talk to him in the Locker Room after a game and he was very professional in answering questions.

My hope for Harvin even though I will miss his explosive plays is that he does find happiness someday.

This trade really gets my curiosity up with the free agency and how will the team approach. I have a gut feeling the team will not pursue a big money wide receiver but on the other side I have no problem being wrong.

This team is never boring always a story of some sort whether good or bad. Monday was a tough day, but to dwell on it does no good because Percy is going west.

A fan has a choice to follow the team and trust them or be disgusted if the team makes a decision you are not happy with.

My option is to stay faithful and trust. I loved the results in 2012 and look for a big 2013.

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 One NFL note has the Ravens dealing Anquan Boldin to the 49ers and Vikings Harvin to Seattle. Did the NFC West make great moves or what bringing in Boldin and Harvin?




Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't miss the Draft Party at the Metrodome

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl but now it is time to move on and with that comes the best weekend in the offseason of football. It is called the Draft.

The Vikings had in my opinion a great draft in 2012 and I am looking forward to another successful weekend.

In looking at the current roster I count 32 draft choices that are on the team. This does include much talked about Percy Harvin who seems to be a daily conversation. It is a popular subject but in my opinion speculating does no good. The only way will be when a final decision comes.

I am writing to encourage fans to come to the Metrodome on Thursday April 25th from 5-10 pm. In 2012 the event was held for the first time in history and I thought it was a blast.

There will be a live radio side KFAN broadcasting and a big screen with the NFL network draft coverage on it. I do not know the measurements of the TV but can tell you it is huge and no trouble seeing it from a distance.

The Mall of America field offers tours of the Press Box and Locker Rooms which I encourage you to take that night.

There will be an appearance by Vikings mascot, Viktor along with the Vikings cheerleaders.

A Miller Lite Bean Bag toss tournament will be going as well.

Miller lite End Zone Bar and Food Court will be available. I know in 2012 my wife and I found some very good food choices.

There will be an autograph session with your favorite former Vikings players.

Interactive games and fan contests along with Vikings merchandise and much more.

I know last draft party the big Vikings ship was blown up that the players come running through as they enter the field. I just hope it is up again making it fun to get pictures in front of it or in it.

Please join me up there as we stand as one big purple family and anxiously wait to hear who the Vikings will take at number 23. There are plenty of chairs for those who are concerned about standing too long. It is first come, first serve.

The current draft has the Vikings at:

Round 1- 23

Round 2-22 (54th overall)

Round 3- 21 (85th overall)

Round 4- # 5 (101 overall) from Detroit

Round 4- # 23 (119 overall)

Round 5- # 22 (150 overall)

Round 7- # 7 (199 overall) from Arizona

Round 7- # 23 (215 overall)

I know things could change from now to April 25th as far as the draft order.

I can’t wait to see how the team does and who I will be meeting in Mankato.

Remember this is the last football season in the dome so lets start it out in April and have fun in the dome.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

What will the Vikings do in Free Agency?

The Vikings had just finished a 2011 season going 3-13 and to add to the misery the team tied for worst record in franchise history. It was time to move on to the 2012 season and more specifically the free agency period. The closer time got the more excited it got as I was envisioning the team bringing in some big names to help the 2012 team.

As the saying goes the clock struck 12 and I seemed to be reading the internet every chance I got as I knew there were some big time named receivers out there. The names Vincent Jackson and Pierre Garcon were just a couple of names I would have loved to see in purple. I was really high on Jackson with his height and catching ability. It was a wish of mine that he comes to Minnesota. I was obviously wrong as Tampa Bay signed him.

It seemed as each passing day it just was not meant to be to get a big name free agent. The Vikings signed Jerome Simpson, Geoff Schwartz, Tyrone McKenzie, Jerome Felton, Marvin Mitchell and John Carlson.

I was very excited to see Carslon come back to his home state but it seemed to be a disappointing season with the injury bug.

The names were not big but one of the names, Jerome Felton came through with a huge season even landing a Pro Bowl spot. Who would have seen that coming? The season he had I cannot thank enough for what he did for the team and help the running game just that much more.

Jerome Simpson suspended the first 4 games did not have spectacular numbers but did use his speed a few times to draw the flag for inference. He is a free agent in 2013 and I would not mind seeing him try it one more time.

Schwartz was a nice find to help the O-Line and McKenzie and Mitchell were nice special team’s players.

The 2013 season free agency period is coming soon. March 9-11 teams can negotiate with free agents.

March 12th is a big day with 4:00 New York time players contract expire. The same day and same time all teams must be under the salary cap. Once again this day players can sign contracts after 4:00.

The Vikings have made it clear they want to build through the draft and the way the year went last year with the 2012 draft class lets hope 2013 brings more winners to the fold.

I am not getting my hopes up like last year for free agency. There are some big name receivers such as Mike Wallace (Steelers), Greg Jennings (Packers), Dwayne Bowe to name a few. I believe these guys will command big bucks the Vikes will not pay.

The quarterback situation I am real curious how they handle the number 2 quarterback. There are 2 names I will look for to see if they end up here. The names Tyler Thigpen and Matt Moore I believe one of these guys will sign here.

I am going to trust Rick Spielman and the Vikings organization for keeping this ship going forward.

March 12th is an important date and will be fun to watch the 32 teams do some Christmas shopping.

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