Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A look at first round picks facing the Vikes in 2018

The schedule was released and the draft is over so let’s look at who will see from the first round face the Vikes


Week 1 at Denver who drafted DE Brandon Chubbs at Pick 5

Week 2 home vs Jacksonville who drafted DT Tavon Bryan at pick 29

Week 3 home vs Seattle who drafted Rashaad Peny RB at pick 27

Week 4 at Tennessee who drafted Rashaan Evens LB at pick 2

Regular Season

Week 1 home vs San Francisco who drafted Mike McGlinchey OT at pick 9

Week 2 at Green Bay who drafted Jaire Alexander DB at pick 18

Week 3 home vs Buffalo who drafted both Josh Allen QB at pick 7 and Tremaine Edwards at pick 16

Week 4 at LA Rams who had no first round pick

Week 5 at Philadelphia who traded out of first round

Week 6 home vs Arizona who drafted Josh Rosen at pick 10

Week 7- home vs NY Jets who drafted Sam Darnold at pick 3

Week 8-home vs New Orleans who drafted Marcus Davenport DE at pick 14

Week 9- home vs Detroit who drafted Frank Ragnow C at pick 20

Week 10-Bye

Week 11- at Chicago who drafted Raquon Smith LB at pick 8

Week 12- home vs Green Bay who drafted Jaire Alexander at pick 18

Week 13- at New England who drafted Sony Michel RB at pick 31

Week 14- at Seattle who drafted Rashaad Penny RB at pick 27

Week 15- home vs Miami who drafted Minkah Fitzpatrick S at pick 11

Week 16- at Detroit who drafted Frank Ragnow at pick 20

Week 17- home vs Chicago who drafted Raquon Smoth LB at pick 8

Vikes see picks 3,8,9,10,,20,31

What a great bchance to see how other teams first round picks fare and we get to see # 3 overall and 10 quarterbacks potentially depending on Tyron Taylor and Sam Bradford

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2018 NFL DRAFT- A one with incedible storylines and fun

The draft goes 3 days as well know and each pick is so highly anticipated by thousands of fans and with all the radio and TV coverage I think this year’s draft might go down as one of the best I have ever seen but all the storylines that developed.

The host city Dallas I think got blindsided by all the roasting of the players who announced their teams picks.

Let’s starts with Philadelphia Eagles, Davis Akers who I give an A + for his effort and I actually worried about his safety after he was done with his roasting. I am not nor will ever be an Eagle fan but I still must give props for his speech.

I loved 49er’s Merton Hanks announcing to the thousands of booing fans the fact as I held his hand up looking at his fingers stating the 49ers were the first ever team to win 5 rings.

Falcon Michael Vick telling the booing fans he never lost to the Dallas Cowboys, Giants’ Justin Tuck talking about his version of the best city, New York. I loved watching all of this and kudos to each speaker.

The story lines that went down seeing 2 brothers for the first time in the NFL draft history get drafted in the first round with the Edmund Brothers with one to Buffalo and one to Pittsburgh so 2 AFC teams. It will be fun for the family when Buffalo plays Pittsburgh.

The story of all stories and I will never forget as Seattle picked with the 141st pick, Shaqueem Griffin so he is reunited with his brother on the Seahawks. It’s a story that is on one of so many reasons I love sports. It proves once again anyone can do anything any time they want as long as you put your mind to it.

As a Vikings fan I loved the way the 4th round pick, Jayln Holmes was announced as the USA Gold Medal team curled the card all the way down to the center and when it center the card was taken off and was read. I give an A ++++ for the creativity for this way the pick was done.

The hours of watching mock drafts and the draft are over but that doesn’t go without saying I truly enjoyed the whole weekend.

Thank you NFL

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Looking at the 2018 Viking draft

The 2018 NFL draft is complete and in the books and now we see how these players develop and see if they can make the 53 man roster later in August.

I have seen draft experts give the Vikes anywhere from an A to a C- and I have also seen plenty of fan speak again people who either like or love the picks and I have also heard people with their dislike. I read Sunday an article with Vikes GM, Rick Spielman say he had fellow GM’s congratulate the team on the picks.

Does anyone really know how these players will do? All the mock drafts and fan wants are finally done.

I know I wanted an Offensive lineman with the first pick and that did not happen and instead at pick 30 the team took a cornerback.

I will admit the entire first round players drafted in the NFL I have heard of and even some of the 2nd but honestly the rest a very small percent I have ever heard of.

I love football so much and IU honestly don’t read book but when it comes to drafts I enjoy reading bios from different sources and after reading I am excited as I am every year to see the now 2018 Vikings draft class.

Let’s start with Mike Hughes, first round pick 30 comes out of Central Florida and I found he went to school there in 2017 after transferring from another school. Central Florida ended last year undefeated and Hughes was a big part of it. Mike had 44 tackles and 4 interceptions in 2017 and he also is a talented kick returner with 20 returns for 635 yards and 2 TD’s and punt return he had 13 for 233 and 1 TD. His big thing here is versatility and  I look for him to compete for the Nickelback and compete with Mackenzie Alexander and Terrance Newman who is 39 still is awesome but how many more years does he have in him?

2nd round the team took Brian O’Neil with the 62nd pick out of Pittsburgh University. Brian came to Pitt as a tight end and was converted to Offensive tackle and played there the last 3 yards. O’’Neil is 6’7” and 297 and with that comes the statement that Brian is extremely quick and athletic. O’Neil ran the 40 in 4.82 in the combine which was the fastest amongst all O-Linemen. Brian only allowed 1 sack in his last 2 years and can play right or left tackle.

4th round the team drafted out of Ohio State at pick 102, Jalyn Holmes who is 6’5” and 283 pounds. Holmes had 84 tackles of which 40 were solo, also had 5 sacks, 14 tackles for loss, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. Jalyn is the 12th Buckeye drafted by the Vikes in their history. I was really hoping for additional depth on both lines and with O’Neil and now Holmes we have 2 more to compete.

5th round Tyler Conklin was taken at pick 157 coming out of Central Michigan and is 6’7” and weighs 240. I loved the highlights I saw on him and his big asset id his athleticism. The Vikes have added another tight end weapon to join Kyle Rudolph and Davis Morgan. Conklin had 83 catches, 1159 yards and 11 TD’s in his career. Tyler is his senior year came up huge with 35 catches, 504 yards and 5 TD’s.

5th round saw the team trade up and take at pick 167, Kicker, Daniel Carlson who is 6’5 “ and 213. The last tall kicker I remember in purple was Steven Hauschka who was in camp when Ryan Longwell was here.  Daniel is the highest drafted kicker by the Vikes in their history. Carlson kicked for Auburn University had 480 career points, was 92-114 in FG and 198-198 in extra points. Carlson was a 3 time Lou Groza award finalist,2 time SEC scoring champ, 2 time SEC first team All-conference. He was also Special team’s player of the year in the SEC both 2016 and 2017.

The 6th round saw Colby Gossett and was the 213 pick out of Appalachian State. Once again the team got some more offensive line help. Gossett was called by Mel Kuiper Jr an “under the radar gem.” He played right guard in college but played left guard in the Senior Bowl. This man is incredibly strong as at the combine he did 32 reps of 225 pounds.

The 6th round saw Ade Aruna at pick 218 out of Tulane University stands 6’5 and weighs 262. This man is extremely talented as he played basketball for many years including AAU where he guarded Timberwolve, Andrew Wiggins and held him to 11 points. Ade started playing football his senior year in high school and the off to college. Ade has 12 sacks in his 4 years at Tulane. The combine saw him with a 38.5 vertical jump and broad jump 10’8” which is the best amongst all best defensive linemen at the combine. Ade trained with former Vike, the great Keith Millard.

The last draft pick came in the 7th round was Devante Downs with pick 225 out of the University of California. Downs is 6’3”and weighs 245. He played linebacker for the Golden Bears. Downs was hurt his Senior year but before that had 84 tackles in his Junior year.

The Philadelphia Eagles had depth at lines sending wave after wave of defensive lineman and with the Vikes draft I was happy to see the team address this.

I said to start no one truly knows the future but after reading the bios I am happy at least on paper so only time will tell.

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Credit- Vikings PR for some of the info.

Friday, April 27, 2018

2018 Vikings Draft Party and more

The 2018 NFL draft was finally here and all my waiting to go to US Bank Stadium for the Vikings draft party was finally over we just had to wait to 6:00 when the gates opened and when they did the sight to see hundreds of people wearing their Viking jerseys was a sight I just will never stop smiling. The only negative of the crowd was a fan that had his Eagles Carson Wentz jersey on but I thought Minnesota fans did a nice job of being Minnesota nice.

The draft as you know did not actually start to 7:00 so it was a great time to go down to the ground of US Bank Stadium and walk around and see all they had to offer. The turf was not down so instead was a plastic like flooring and my night turned out electric not literally but everything I touched I got a shock. It was good for a laugh and finally the shock went away.

As we walked around and looked we found your overpriced food vendors but it is part of what we are used to. I did have a brat for 8.00 and my wife had a hot dog for 6 so this was the cheapest we could find as we found a cheeseburger for 11.00.

The experience I have had in the past draft parties is you will see an occasional player walking around and Thursday night we ran into Dalvin Cook who was very nice in taking pictures with fans including my wife and myself. We also ran into former Vike, Ben Leber and Vikes play by play guy, Paul Allen who were also very gracious in stopping.

We continued exploring and found an autograph zone so I asked how much and they said free as 200 wrist bands were to be had free and if you got a wrist band you were guaranteed to get in a line. There were 3 sessions so you pick which session which had 2 players each. You could only pick 1 session so we took the 7:00-8:00 session which had Latavius Murray and Randall McDaniel so we got in line at 7 and met the guys.

We then went over and got a seat to watch the NFL draft. This is one of the best features of going to the party because we have KFAN show with Paul Allen, Pete Bercich and Paul Charchian live and an occasional guest like Dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray and Andrew Sendejo. The guys are live and talking to the crowd but behind them is a huge screen TV that is showing the draft so when the Pick is In shows up on TV the talk show stops and the TV is turned up so we can all hear Commissioner Roger Goodell and all his fans booing him announce the teams pick.

We were at the draft party and when your team is pick 30 you know its going to be a long wait unless they trade up so when pick 29 by Jacksonville was called we all saw whether you were at home or at the party you saw on TV the words Vikes on the clock you hope or at least I had hoped they do not trade. We have waited 4 hours with eager anticipation when the Skol chant breaks out and then silence and then the words I love to see appear on the screen, THE PICK IS IN!!!! I have been predicting offensive line and I saw a summary of 8 NFL experts who all had the Vikes take O Line so when the Goodell announced the Vikes take Central Florida’s Mike Hughes, defensive back I think the crowd was a little shocked including myself.

I honestly didn’t know much about Hughes but as the night went on I listened and read I really like this pick and with an already top ranked defense another guy in the fold makes them just that much better.

The draft itself as I look at it saw a lot of things I like and a few surprises. I would like to start with the way the draft started as Commissioner Goodell comes out and with that a huge chorus of booing as he was joined by Troy Aikman, Jason Witten and Roger Staubauch. I personally feel Roger enjoys the booing but this night I credit him with him starting out by saying I can’t believe you are booing these Cowboy players.

One of the greatest stories of the draft came with pick 28 by the Steelers and the man who announced it was Ryan Shazier. The scene of him walking slowly out with a cane and then seeing the people at the draft in tears was amazing and a true tribute to Ryan for staying strong.

I am a big fan of the first 2 picks seeing Baker Mayfield go to the Browns and Sequon Barkley going to the Giants.

It was an historic night with all 5 quarterbacks in Dallas going in the first round. I will say the players outfits were different as pick 32 Lamar Jackson and his green suit.

It was a great night to see 2 brothers go in the first round for a first ever with brothers ass Tremaine Edmunds went 16 to Buffalo and 28th pick Terrell Edmunds going to the Steelers.

I really think some of these teams hit home runs as I love Brandon Chubbs going to Denver Broncos, the  Bears taking Raquon Smith and look how the Bears have had successful linebackers.

The pick by Atlanta Calvin Ridley out of Alabama now joins for Crimson Tide player Julio Jones as Atlanta made their wide outs scarier.

How about the Patriots taking Sony Michel running back out of Georgia as I feel this kid has a dream team to play on.

The surprises to me to name a few was: Cleveland Browns having a chance to take Chubbs take Denzel Ward out of Ohio State. The Saints trading up 12 picks to the Green Bay Packers and see the Saints take Marcus Davenport out of UTSA. The speculation I heard was the reason they went up this far was to take QB, Lamar Jackson. The Buffalo Bills make a trade which is fine but they gave up way too much and then they take Josh Allen when most felt Josh Rosen would be the Bills quarterback.

The storyline of 2 former Vikes quarterbacks, Sam Bradford goes to Arizona for massive money and the Cardinals pick QB, Josh Rosen. How about the New York Jets sign Teddy Bridgewater and the Jets take with the 3rd pick QB, Sam Darnold. The Jets would not take a QB at 3 if they wanted Teddy to be the man. I guess I feel bad for both Bradford and Bridgewater but I guess time will tell.

It’s only the first day with so many storylines with Friday and Saturday to come. As a huge Vikings/NFL fan I can’t wait.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Vikes schedule full of great challenges

The 2017 season ended not the way I wanted but looking at the record and seeing just how good it was including winning the NFC North title the next season will reflect on the previous year and thus you are given a first place schedule.

The speculation for as long as I can remember was the first game of the year would be a Thursday night trip to Philadelphia which made logical sense to me but when I watched the NFL schedule reveal show it did show in fact the rumor was wrong. I will admit I saw most of the afternoon on twitter that the first game was leaked so I had a hunch.

Yes,Week 1 the home opener vs the up and coming San Francisco 49ers and we as Viking fans will see the return of Jerick McKinnon.

The first month we see 2 home and 2 away games and all 4 games are going to be extremely tough because after facing the 49ers the team gets to go to Lambeau and face a hungry Aaron Rodgers and company. What an early showdown this will be.

The next 2 sees the purple play at home vs the Buffalo Bills and then head west to face 2017 surprise playoff team although the way the Rams played last season the playoff was well earned. This is a very scary team as we have seen the Rams dump a lot of money in free agency to better the defense and I believe they succeeded. The game is also magnified even more as it is a Thursday night prime time game.

The month of October again sees 2 home and 2 away and the first away game of the month? None other than the Super Bowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles. Are we going to hear a lot more of horrifying fans stories and this game is a 3:25 Fox National TV game so I believe there will be tv viewer records shattered with this game.

The end of September saw the Vikes go west to face the Rams and the next week fly out east for the big rematch vs the Eagles. Can you say frequent flyer miles?

The team will come home after the Eagles game and face Sam Bradford and the Arizona Cardinals. I would love to see Sam do great in 2018 except vs the Vikings. I am also wondering if this will be the last year for Super Star Wide Receiver, Larry Fitzgerald?

The Vikes get to fly east again as they go play the New York Jets and for the 2nd week in a row face a quarterback on last year’s roster in Teddy Bridgewater. I have no idea if he will be the starter but just know he will be on the Jets roster.

The team comes back home to end the month of October and who do they face? The New Orleans Saints with this game I believe will be the most intense home game of the 2018 campaign knowing the last home game of 2017 with the Minneapolis Miracle catch by Stefon Diggs. I feel very secure in saying the Saints will have not forgotten losing a game on a miracle play.

The month of November sees only 3 games as the Vikes will have a bye in Week 10. The month starts out with a home game vs the Detroit Lions so this will be the 2nd home game in a row following the Saints game.

The bye follows and then it’s off to the Windy City and face the tough Bears in their own stadium. It’s hard to get a win there although last season the Vikes pulled off a Monday night win.

The next week another NFC North team comes to US Bank for a Sunday night National TV game as we see the Green Bay Packers come back to the scene where Aaron Rodgers got hurt and ended his season very early on. I can’t even imagine the 2 fan bases and just how loud it will be as I can only imagine.

The last month of the season sees 5 games with 2 home and 3 away with the first one at New England for a 3:25 tilt. The next week sees the team flies west again for a Monday night game at Seattle in the stadium with the 12th man. The team then comes back and faces the Miami Dolphins then goes to Detroit before closing out the 2018 regular season campaign with the Chicago Bears once again for like the 100th time in a row. I love NFC North battles but honestly can’t the NFL change the last week opponent just one time?

Overall it is great to get 2 out 3 at home to start the season and 2 out of 3 at home to end the season.

The draft is next weekend and each of these teams will be adding draft choices but I just wanted to speculate about the potentials.

Football is a sport I just can’t get enough of and when I have a chance to wrote my thoughts I want to take full advantage.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Super Bowl week memories keep on forming

As Super Bowl week is now upon us and the Vikes have to wait another year I am too big of football fan not to want to take everything I can on this. My mindset is I have no idea if the big game will be back in Minnesota my lifetime so the time is now to do everything I can with no regrets.

Yes last Saturday my wife took in the Super Bowl experience at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the price of 35.00 each.

This was one of the best things I have ever done in my life that was sports related other than Viking events. We stood in line 45 minutes and got to see and get a picture with the Lombardi Trophy. We visited a small sampling of Canton, Ohio and just took in NFL history left and right as the day goes down in my mind as unforgettable. I can’t speak highly enough of the day and so hope fans can get there before it’s all over.

I wanted also to get up to Mall of America and take in what’s known as radio row. I got to the Mall really not knowing what I was getting into as I went up escalators to the 3rd floor food court and there it was, radio row.

Wow was my first initial taking in thought looking upon seeming less endless tables full of radio stations all in action. It at first was overwhelming trying to figure out where to stands and watch but as I watched people they seemed to keep moving all in one direction.

The line would stop as a former NFL player was spotted amongst the radio stations being interviewed. I was in jaw dropping awe as I saw Hall of Famer, Terell Davis being interviewed by ESPN’s Stephen A Smith. If this was not a perfect photo op I don’t know what is.

I kept walking and found the NFL access area and who was in there? I saw at times Kurt Warner, Brian Billick, and then Terrell Davis later.

You keep walking and I spot a CBS booth a little higher up and I see Jim Rome conducting an interview with Carolina Panther tight end, Greg Olson.

This was an event where I simply could not stand in one spot as the people watching was as intense as I can ever remember.

I looked through radio row and spot Charles Haley, Melvin Gordon, Matt Birk, Nate Burleson, Terrell Owens, Ronde Barber, Travis Kelce just to name a few players.

The radio best of the best were up and running with the best talk radio hosts from all over the US right here at MOA.

There were a few separate booths conducting interviews and I found Greg Jennings in action. I came back to the mob of tables known as radio row and saw on a higher perch the Doug Gotlieb show and there he was interviewing Michael Irvin.

There are signs all over that state no autographs and that is ok because I took more pictures than I could ever have dreamed of seeing NFL stars past and present.

I left for a while and took a walk and looked over a railing on the north side of MOA and saw Sirius radio set up in 3 different booths.

The thing about walking the MOA on a week like this is you must keep your eyes open at all time because who have no idea what celebrity you may or may not run into.

I was just walking and minding my own business when I see 5 or 6 security so I figured something was up and then I see Vikings player, Xavier Rhodes coming.

The same area I saw Rhodes I noticed a bunch of fans over in an area with a Patriots sign that said access media so the curious person I am went over to wait and see who is coming like everyone else that was waiting.

I then saw what the fans were looking for as I saw Bill Belichick heading back to his hotel area after his press conference. A little while later I saw Tom Brady heading to the media area so I tried to get a good picture but the good picture did not turn out as I hoped but oh well I did get a picture pf Brady. It seemed strange as Tom headed to the media in regular clothes and later his teammates were coming and they were in all their white jerseys. We could not get very close and that is ok I was just excited for my first time in my life to see a Super team in person during Super Bowl week.

The thing about this day is was a complete football day with just not the Vikings its was players and fans from teams all over the NFL. It was awesome to see Jaguar, Bengals, Steelers, Broncos fans to name a few teams.

I also had a great privilege to be interviewed by a TV station out of Jacksonville, Florida called Newsaction Jax. I had my Purple hoodie on that said Skol on it and the Jacksonville people wanted to talk to a Vikings fan to talk about how I handled the loss as their beloved Jaguars too fell to the Patriots so here we have 2 fan bases talking about our period of mourning which I thought was outstanding.

The radio row continues into the weekend so if you have time please by all means go up and take it in. It is a lifetime memory waiting to happen.

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Go Patriots

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Super Bowl Experince is a MUST GO

Minneapolis is hosting Super Bowl 52 and even though my beloved Vikings are not in it I still wanted to go to the Super Bowl Experience in Minneapolis.

We had bought tickets about 2 weeks ago online for 35.00 each and the site has you choose a date and time. We chose Saturday and we picked 12:00pm. You can pick any hour you want and I am guessing they do this to avoid massive amounts of fans all showing up at once. Don’t worry the every hour does not mean you have to leave in an hour after you get there you could stay all day if you want.

We parked and walked to the Convention Center and as we got there we went through security which was outside the Center but we went through and into the building we went having no idea really what would all be involved in the day.

We entered and to the right were all the NFL helmets on display except for the Vikings which was in front of us and there we found several found fans taking pictures by it.

We also found a huge display in which there was a Super Bowl countdown active as seconds, minutes and hours are ticking down so we got a picture in front of that.

We then entered a place where they scan your tickets and after that I felt as though I had died and found football heaven.

We walked into an enormous room which had a great touch of purple lighting throughout it. I can’t even describe how big this room is. One of the main attractions in the room was the Lombardi Trophy on display to the public so we got in a line and waited about 45 minutes but we made it and saw the trophy and got our picture by it. It is cool because on the way up to the Lombardi Trophy is the NFC trophy in a display case and after the Lombardi Trophy is the AFC trophy in a display case. What else does this room have you ask? They have several NFL players lockers on display including Adam Thielen’s, Matthew Stafford, AJ Green, Tom Brady just to name a few.

There is also the Man of the Year Award in a display case with player pictures displayed with this year 32 finalist.  There is also a wall of all 32 teams’ helmets on display. In one corner all the Super Bowl Rings are on display. There is an area where all the Super Bowl tickets are on display hanging over the area and this is a place you can get your picture taken and then have any Super Bowl ticket you want as your background.

I also found an NFL access where you can make a video and they send it by way of email to you. The key to this and all things is make sure you get the Super Bowl app because you will find it is needed for so much In there.

I found the set where the NFL Network will be this week. We also walked around and all 32 team mannequins are on display with jersey and helmet so each fan of each team can get a picture with their respective mannequin.

We also found an area where the Wilson football is made as you watch step by step. This is so cool to see the process of just how a football is formed.

The  amount of things to do for kids is mind boggling as well with 40 yard dash, football throws, punting, kicking, and just fun things to do. You must realize everything has a line so if you don’t mind lines you are set to have a blast.

The Convetion Center has 3 floors of Super Bowl related things. There are so may photo ops wherever you look. We found so many cool things to do like go to the Canton, Ohio mini set up and you will see  8-9 busts including Cris Carter, Bud Grant, Alan Page, Brett Favre, and Curly Lambeau to name a few. We also waited in line there and went inside a dark room where you sit on a stool and you have your picture taken which they make into your own Hall of Fame bust in picture form.

We found an area where you can put a head set on and view a replay and listen how clear thet people are talking to you on their thoughts if the play is good or not. We also found a place where you can either put a helmet on a hold it up next to your ear and your partner can talk by way the NFL does calling the play into your headset.

When you are walking just keep your eyes open as there is so much to see as again we found a stage set up like the NFL draft so you go on stage hold up your favorite team jersey which all have # 1 on it and again the workers take a picture and it’s emailed to you by way of the Super Bowl App.

There are plenty of bathrooms available as well of choices of food as it’s up to you on what sounds good to you.

There are huge wall hangings all over the Convention Center which has so much fascinating Football history to read about.

We also found a pretty good size area where it’s an auction area where you can bid on NFL memorabilia.

This Convention Center has as much NFL history in it as you may ever find anywhere. I also thought as much stuff as they have in there it is really is pretty organized.

Oh yeah the people who enjoy the Autograph gig it’s free and again there are lines. I l know Saturday players such as Matt Birk, former Gopher and current Raven, Maxx Williams, Tar Waynes, Eric Kendrick. Jerick McKinnon, David Morgan were just some of the names autographing throughout the day.

If you are a football fan and can handle crowds I can’t be higher on recommending a day in Minneapolis or more. It’s got everything a football fan could ever want in one building.

I believe you could easily make it a day and if not head to Nicolet Avenue and more overwhelming sights such as a skating rink, a warming bench, live stage, ice sculptures, a small snow hill in the middle of the street and lots of food vendors along streets as well.

I ask of you to think of doing this because who knows when the next time Minnesota will host a Super Bowl. The ticket for the Convention Center is 35.00 and the Nicollet area is free to enter just costs if you buy anything.

Have a great Super Bowl week

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