Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vikings already draft filled roster sees 10 more added

The 2014 draft has just concluded and now it’s time to move on. It was a 3 day period of awesomeness being able to watch an event that hopefully builds the team in getting better.

I remember in the offseason I can recall Rick Spielman throwing out the figure of wanting 10 picks and he accomplished that. I could not be happier with what we got. Yes, the players must now practice and show why they were picked but I believe we got some much needed depth and great competition.

In reading the bios we got guys who are fast and very athletic. We get a first round pick in Anthony Barr who goes from running back to linebacker and a 3rd round pick, Jerik McKinnon who comes as a running back but is good enough to play on the defensive side as well.

Saturday night radio on ESPN radio analysis, Rodney Harrison was asked his opinion by the cohost on who Harrison thought was the steal of the draft. He responded, “Teddy Bridgewater.” If that doesn’t get you excited that someone from the national media actually spoke high of a Vikings move well than I don’t know what will.

I love the fact that the team continues to build through the draft. In the last 3 seasons the team has seven, 1st round picks. In 2012 we saw Matt Kalil and Harrison Smith be drafted and in 2013 we saw three with Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes and Cordarelle Patterson. The just finish 2014 draft saw Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater.

I looked at the roster and now see the team has 37 draft choices on the team meaning over half the team is a draft choice which includes 10 picks from his year.

Thank you Vikings organization for keeping true to your word with trying to stay young and build from within.

I would also like to throw out a congrats to two former Gophers players, Ra’Shede Hageman and Brock Vareen for getting drafted over the weekend. We saw Hageman go 2nd round to the Atlanta Falcons and Vereen go in the 4th round to the Bears.

The 2014 Vikings home schedule we will get to see 5 former Gophers players in action. The Falcons and Hageman, the Bears and Vereen, the Jets and Eric Decker will be the visiting Gophers we will see. The Vikings right now on the roster have Marcus Sherels (CB) and Simoni  Lawrence (LB).

I loved the draft and feel the Vikes did a great job of executing their plan.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Draft night at the Minneapolis Convention Center

The night was finally here after seemingly unending days and night of mock drafts. I for one hope the draft date moves back to April due as it just seemed like forever until May 8th.

We arrived at the Minneapolis Convention Center with the first thing we see is hundreds of fans dressed in the most beautiful color in the world, purple. I heard the figure 6000 fans and I will say that does not shock me as the room was just packed.

We saw the signs for the draft party and just followed them until we reached our destination. The room was absolutely huge and already filled with fans and we were an hour early. The room was a little on the dark side with the lights that were on had a purple tint going. It really did have a cool effect. There were regular lights on around the edge of the room so it wasn’t total darkness.

The KFAN team of Paul Allen, Paul Charchian, Ben Leber and Pete Bercich did a tremendous job with the draft giving their input on the picks. A huge TV screen was overhead the cast of characters so the fans could watch the draft while also listening to the voice of the Vikings.

The crowd was getting antsier the closer number 8 pick was getting. Cordarrelle Patterson made an appearance on stage and was asked who he wanted the team to pick and he yelled out to the crowd “Johnny Football” that really got the crowd stoked.

The tension of who Minnesota would pick was peaking even more as Cleveland traded up to 8 switching with Minnesota and they take cornerback, Justin Gilbert leaving Vikings fans chant Johnny, Johnny.

The TV screen showed the words “The pick is in” and we see Commissioner Roger Goodell walk across the stage to make the announcement of the Vikes pick. The crowd stood as one in hopes and the name, Anthony Barr was called. I never headed a place go so quiet so fast in a long time. It was the most unreal feeling sitting at the party. I watched several fans pack up and leave the party.

It was a little later that Rick Spielman was on the TV screen and talking about the pick which drew a good amount of booing from the fans.

It seemed as time went on and the Vikings radio cast was talking up Barr it seemed to help quite a bit. My feeling coming into the draft was I felt totally sure the Vikes would go defense and not a quarterback so I was not disappointed when the pick was called.

The Barr stats are unbelievable along with his speed should make for an interesting story line in camp to see how he does.

I had a gut feeling the Vikes were not done and would move up again to the first round. It is amazing the connection the Vikings-Seahawks have and this time Seattle trades the last pick in the first round and the Vikes end up with their quarterback of the future.

I give the Vikes an A for the draft Thursday night and am continually impressed with how many first round picks the team has gotten over the last 3 seasons.

Overall it was great to have football back and sit in amidst thousands of crazy Viking fans. It is the most awesome feeling to be able to do this. It is not fun to hear booing but I did also understand people have a right to their opinion.

The rest of the draft this weekend should be fun to watch as the Vikings have so many needs. What will they do with the first 3rd round pick Friday night?

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