Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A day at the Capitol

It was Saturday April 28th, I went to the State Capitol along with my wife and one of my daughters. We wanted to show the goverment how much we care about the stadium vote by coming.

I had my purple turtle neck, a jersey and my horns and braids on as we came in. The first thing we saw was a beautiful sight, a lot of purple, as fans were waiting in hopes of seeing some success today.

We went up to the third floor and sat in on the House of Representatives in hopes of stadium talk. It was for now, no avail. We left and went down to second floor where we ran into Owatonna's own, Korey Kath, a House of Representative. It was a fantastic question and answer session with him. We did ask the most important question. "Korey, can we get your yes on the vote?" Korey's response was, "You have it." This was exciting and ancouraging.

We went back up to the third floor in the House in hopes with all the other Vikings fans. We did not have any luck as the House did not bring up the subject. We did get a pleasant surprise as House Rep from Cottage Grove,John Kriesel, a stadium supporter came up. He thanked all for showing up and gave us updates what he knew about the stadium. He did feel it was close, but to have this many people show can do nothing but help the cause.

We left and were headed out of the capitol when Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak came up to us to thank us for coming and showing support for the stadium.

The day was not successful as far as the government discussing the stadium. The day was succesful as we talked to three stadium backers in Kath, Kriesel and Rybak. I know Rybak has no control but it was still fun to talk to him.

We as Vikings fans did what we could and that was drive up to the capitol to show our support for a stadium. I would do this again in a heart beat and encourage all fans to voice their opinions.

Thank you
Purple Stick

Review of the draft

 First and foremost, I am thrilled by the Vikings taking  Matt Kalil with their first pick. I had been hoping all offseason the offensive line would be a top priority with the 1st pick. The 2011 season was hard to watch for a few reasons but one major problem came was the lack of protection for Christian Ponder. It seemed all we saw was Ponder receive the ball from center, and then next would be running for his life.

I talked to many fans who were hard on Ponder, but an opinion makes for a fun talked Monday. The Vikes have started to assemble a younger  line and with Charlie Johnson moving to left guard and Kalil at left tackle. I believe an improvement has already been made.

The defensive back situation was addressed quite nicely with the addition of Harrison Smith from Notre Dame and his college teamate also taken by the Vikes in the 5th Round, Robert Blanton. College teammates in the backfield will be a  neat story to watch in Mankato. The 3rd defensive back taken in the 3rd round, Josh Robinson, out of Central Florida excites me also after reading a fact in the combine. Robinson turned in the fastest time in the defensive backs that were there. Three young hustlers in the defensive backfield will be fun to watch how they can handle the other NFL speed they will be facing.

The wide receivers drafted with Jarius Wright in the 4th round and college teammate, Greg Childs, also taken in the 4th round. They both played at Arkansas University. This will be a neat story to watch in camp. Wright is being compared to Harvin, as he is a fast slot receiver. Childs is big and physical.

The 2 picks that surprised me along with many other fans I talked to came in the 4th round with Rhett Ellison, TE/FB out of USC. As I read he was even surprised when he got the call. The other surprise came in the 6th round when Blair Walsh's name was called. Walsh, kicker out of Georgia. I read the last time the Vikings drafted a specialist came in 2003. The Vikes drafted punter, Eddie Johnson that year. The only fair thing to do is give it time to see how these 2 pan out.

One fact I read, and I like is the Vikings coaching staff coached at the Senior Bowl, which allowed an advantage in seeing some of these guys more of an extended time.

Three universities had 2 players taken by the Vikings each. Notre Dame had Harrison Smith and Robert Blanton. Arkansas had the 2 receivers taken and finally USC had Kalil and Ellison.

The Vikings with Rick Spielman running his draft I offer my congrats to. You have made me one excited fan as you addressed needs and brought the team more speed.

A final note on the roster non draft related. Notre Dame has 5 players on the Vikings roster. The 2 tight ends, John Carlson and Kyle Rudolph, along with center John Sullivan. You might say the O-Line has a Notre Dame flavor to it. The 2 draft choices, Smith and Blanton round out this Fighting Irish theme.

Purple Stick

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fri April 27th

I am a life long Vikings fan. The last 13 years of which I have been a season ticket holder. I have wrote for my home town paper for the last 3 years from a fan perspective, and this year it has ended. Thus I a starting a blog from a fan perspective. I take 3 weeks off work and go to Mankato for training camp. I have only missed 4 days in the last 14 years. I have also taken pictures with over 400 different Vikings players through the years

I have never missed a home game, also attended a game in Denver and in 2009 made the trip to New Orleans for the 2009 NFC Championship Game.

It was on Thursday April 26 I made a trip to the Metrodome for the 2012 Draft Party. It was so impressive all the purple in attendence. I have attended 10-12 draft parties and last night the cheer when Matt Kalil's name was announced it was awesome. The years I have gone and heard so much booing and then last night whart seemed to be one huge loud cheer. It is a great way to start the season in a positive way.