Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saying a final goodbye to the dome and the 2013 season

It has been an emotional couple of past weeks for me with all the Metrodome and Vikings news going on. It has been opposite ends of the spectrum in emotions.

I look back at the season that was and think that the Vikings were 151 seconds from having 5 more wins. It is too late but still makes a fan the what ifs.

The last game on Sunday December 29th was so emotional for me knowing it was the last sporting event I will ever see in this facility. I left the stadium but not without seeing one final thing. You may ask what was it I wanted to see. I answer; I went back to the Gate to watch fans get sucked out of the dome for the final time. The hair blowing, the hats flying and people just generally trying to get out without knocking each other down was what would be my last memory of the Metrodome.

Wednesday January 8th was the next step to saying goodbye to the dome as I made the trip to the dome and picked up the four seats I had bought. I had season tickets for 13 years but my seats were not always the same so I opted to buy 4 random seats.

I turned off the street right outside the dome and made my way down a ramp to enter the Metrodome. I came upon a garage door that was closed. I sat patiently, then watched it go up and now could enter the final stretch which was entering the field and drive on the dome floor. The turf had already been rolled up and was put off to the side so vehicles could park and not wreck anything. It was an absolute sight as I got out of my car and looked at the emptiness. I noticed no scoreboard on ether end and seemingly thousands of seats already pulled. It was an unbelievable sight looking at all the blue seats organized and ready to be picked up. We loaded 4 into the back of my SUV and then walked around taking pictures. I got to sit on one section of rolled up turf that was said to be valued at 30,000 each is what a worked had told me. I was in heaven knowing I am taking seats back home. It was an emotional test knowing this would be the last time I would ever get to be in the dome I have attended the last 32 years watching the Twins and Vikings and now it is over.

Friday January 17th the Vikings announce Mike Zimmer as head coach. I for one am truly excited to see what kind of toughness he can bring the squad. This upcoming 2014 season might just go down as one of the most anticipated seasons we will be part of.

The decisions that must come for 17 free agents will be intriguing. I just feel in my heart that the Wilf’s have brought in a man who will take charge. My hope is this team can finish games. The offense of 2013 even though we went through a quarterback carousel still seemed to be able to score plenty. I can’t wait for late July for the start of training camp.

Saturday January 18th I got up early and watched the live stream of the final deflation of the dome. It was strange watching and knowing it is really over. There will never be a chance to go in there for anything. I drove up to Minneapolis Saturday afternoon to witness in person. It is a weird feeling looking up and not see the words Mall of America Field on the roof. I now saw snow drifts on the edge of where the roof was earlier in the morning.

I was on my way home from the dome when I found out Norv Turner was hired as offensive coordinator. I give the organization an A+ for the hiring of Zimmer and Turner.

As I said in the beginning so many emotions flowing with the closing of an old stadium and now a new coach that I feel will bring success.

Football in 2014 can’t come soon enough. Go Vikes!!!!!

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