Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Packer game captured by photo







Monday, October 28, 2013

Hearing Go Pack Go in my sleep

The Packers game at home I look forward to more than any other game and the day had finally came. My wife and I got to Minneapolis 4 hours early and got off to an unpleasant start. Our parking lot went up 5.00 for this game. It seems all games after 3 get the increase. We paid and made our way to the dome.

It was a beautiful afternoon and saw a ton of green and yellow mixing in with my purple family. It is a sight you have to see to believe. The party on the plaza was in full gear. Sunday was a little extra special for me because it was the first time I have ever got the chance to see the Sunday night bus in person. It was parked right in the area known as Party on the Plaza. There were several people getting pictures right in front of the bus. I was so excited to see this awesome vehicle. I ran into a problem when I noticed something wrong with the bus. It was hard to believe but one player was missing on the side of the bus and that was Adrian Peterson. I found Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers but no AP. I was in shock.

We made our way in to the stadium early to go down low and take pictures of players. It is the last Vikings-Packers game in the dome so I wanted some extra memories.

We then made our way down the stands to watch NBC’s pregame with Bob Costas and Hines Ward in action. I was in heaven seeing all this in person.

The pregame introduction we found the Vikings offensive starters would be introduced one by one. Greg Jennings was first and it seemed 50-50 with booing and cheering. The next unusual thing was instead of introducing the offensive line one by one they were announced the unit’s names and they came out onto the field as one. Ponder was introduced to I thought a good percent of booing. I was not sure how people would feel but I soon found out. The last to make the appearance was Adrian. The Mall of America Field was rocking like I have not seen for quite some time.

Former Viking Joey Browner was the one to blow the Gjlarhorn Sunday night. I found some oddity in this only for one reason. It has been in the past the person blows the Gjlahorn and then the team runs onto the field. Sunday Joey did not blow it until just before kickoff.

The kickoff I am sure most of you saw the result so I will only add if the roof could have blown off it would have. This place was unbelievably loud and I took pleasure in watching Packers fans faces in disbelief.

The game as in unrolled was painful to watch. The Packers did what they wanted when they wanted to. I watched Jared Allen and Brian Robison seemingly often getting around the edge only to see Rodgers go up and around them. It was so frustrating to see these guys work their butts off but to no avail.

I thought the touchdown by Adrian Peterson with 4 seconds left in the half may have given the team a spark being only down 7 at the half. I felt so good and now will enjoy the halftime as we saw Joey Browner get inducted into the Vikings Ring of Honor. Zygi Wilf came to the podium and I will tell you I heard a lot of booing. I was actually shocked to hear this much but also understand people’s frustrations with the PSL’s coming. I know I will not be able to afford this if my seat is affected. I will not worry until it actually does happen.

The second half was more frustration watching the Packers continue to dominate on both sides of the ball. The chants by the Packer fans GO PACK GO, you could hear very easily. It is so hard to hear that in my own home stadium.

I noticed with about 13 minutes left in the game a lot of fans filing out and making their way out of the stadium.

I had concerns all night about what I was seeing out of my favorite team. One play comes to mind as I saw Ponder drop back to pass with Greg Jennings was running down towards the goal line open. Jennings was wide open and Ponder threw behind his open receiver badly drawing a huge chorus of boos.

I have one more concern and that was the Vikings scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter to pull the Vikes to be down 41-23 with the extra point pending. I felt the team should go for 2 to make it a 16 point game. I know it is a long shot to come back but to settle for the extra point made no sense to me. We are down now 3 scores instead of 2 if the team would have made the 2 point play. It is only my thinking and the game is now over.

The clock came to 0:00 and the chant GO PACK GO seemed to go on and on even as we were leaving the stadium. I walked to my car and I could hear the chant in the next lot.

It is another national TV game where the team failed miserably. I am still am a passionate fan but am extremely disturbed with these outcomes all season.

This is now the 3rd game with the Vikings scoring on their first touch and to lose all 3 of these is discouraging.

Sunday the team travels to Dallas so by then I will be ready to cheer my beloved purple on. I will be watching and listening Tuesday as the trade deadline occurs. I will not be shocked if 1 or more of the team is traded off. I hate to see it but I know the team is in trouble.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Facts and Figures in helping you get ready for the Packers Sunday night game

Sunday night game vs. the Green Bay Packers will without a doubt be the game of the year for the Vikings. The nation is not giving the Vikes a chance. Is there a chance we can duplicate Game 16 last season?

Game Info

Game time: 7:30

Channel: NBC

Broadcast team: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. I must add I will be glad to be at the game so I do not have to hear the praises of the Packers by these broadcasters.

Las Vegas Odds: Packers by 9

Halftime of game: Vikings will induct Joey Browner into the Vikings Ring of Honor. He will be the 21st Vikings to go in and will be only the 2nd member of a secondary to get his name up there.


Green Bay leads series 55-49-1. The Vikings are 26-26 at home in the series. The last 20 meetings in Minnesota the Vikes are 12-8 including last season’s last second field goal by Blair Walsh to send the Vikes into the playoffs.

This series has been so big the last few years that 5 of the last 6 meetings between the 2 have either been on Monday or Sunday night football.

The 105 games vs Green Bay is the most against any opponent in the NFL.


The Minnesota Vikings have had 25 penalties called against them which is tied with the Miami Dolphins for the least in the NFL.

Minnesota and Denver are the only 2 teams in the NFL that have had a kickoff and a punt return for a touchdown.


Jared Allen has 17 sacks vs the Packers in his career which is the 2nd most by an NFL player against the Pack. Steve McMichael (Bears) has the most with 18. A two sack night Sunday will put Allen number 1. I can’t wait to witness this feat.

Jared Allen had 4.5 sacks on 10/05/09 vs. the Packers which is a career high.

Everson Griffen had 3 sacks on 12/30/12 vs. the Packers which is a career high.



We know Greg Jennings came from Green Bay but did you know Toby Gerhart’s brother, Garth is on the Packers practice squad?


USC has always put out seemingly a ton of pro players and in this game is no different. It is hard to imagine Clay Mathews, Nick Perry, Matt Kalil, Everson Griffen and Rhett Ellison all on the Trojan’s team in the same year.

UCLA had only 4 players get drafted in 2013 and by chance all 4 will be present Sunday night. The Vikings have Jeff Locke (punter) and Jeff Baca (OL) while the Packers have Johnathan Franklin (RB) and Datone Jones (DE).


The Packers and Vikings seem to be going different directions but this an NFC North battle so throw the records out. This game will be a black and blue division battle at its best. My one true concern is the fact the Vikings are struggling that fans may sell their tickets to Packer fans. I will not be surprised to see a 50-50 crowd. Vikings fans need to come and will their team to the upset.


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Wrong kind of memories so far in this the final year of MOA Field

I love being a season ticket holder and when I made my final payment earlier this year I was truly pumped knowing it is the last year of the stadium and I will be there each game. My hope was to have many good memories knowing this is history.

My hope to have good memories is quickly becoming a nightmare. This is not the way I wanted to remember. I will of course never be able to forget because I am a huge football junkie and a collector of historical memorabilia as well as my passion for this team that will not end. I collect pins from each home game.

It is unbelievable how the season has started out with late minute losses to Chicago in Week 2 and Cleveland in Week 3, then go overseas and get a win vs Pittsburgh. Week 5 a bye occurs then week 6 a home game vs Carolina. I was so pumped thinking we would have momentum and then the team gets embarrassed by the Panthers. I did not think things could get worse and then Monday’s debacle occurs in New York.

The home schedule has had 2 games and both have been infested by booing over and over. The team makes quarterback changes faster than we the fans can keep up with.

In saying all this I have a funny feeling Sunday’s night game will be different. It is Green Bay and that’s all I need to say. I will not predict a score however I will predict a victory. I just feel Green Bay just may come in a little overconfident.

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Go Pack GO HOME with your heads hung low after suffering a loss to the 1-5 Vikings

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of Monday nights game in New York

The Vikings in the last 2 weeks have been outscored 58-17 and have not looked competitive at all. The sad thing as a huge Vikings fan I must say is this team is challenging fans just how much we can take. We have to be honest with ourselves that this team needs severe help. I just do not know where it will come from.

The first half was as ugly of football as one could ever see whether you are a Giants or Vikings fan. I know New York won but the way they looked I would not be surprised if they will 3 games all year. I thought Eli looked terrible but yet they won.

What I did enjoy in the first half was Mike Tirico and John Gruden’s mistakes. One was in reference to Greg Jennings as he was referred to as an ex-Viking. The other was in reference to the Vikes lone touchdown giving credit to Jamarca Sanford for the touchdown. This has got to be a C’mon man. Let’s get our players names right guys.

I also got a good impression that Gruden wanted Ponder to play as he was relentless on his feelings about the Vikings quarterback situation.

The one fact about Ponder is it just might be the first game I have ever seen where Ponder did not smile. The guy looked stone faced and like he just did not want to be there. I really can’t blame him with this carousel of quarterbacks.

One positive from Monday night I felt was the play of the front seven. I thought the top 2 performers were Jared Allen and Erin Henderson. The sack of the year and maybe my lifetime was the sack of Eli Manning by Allen. The strength of Allen to go through the tackle literally and holding Manning by 2 hands and the ability to still take down the qb has got to be a top 10 play on Sports Center on Tuesday.

The play of the offensive line was to be one of our strengths this season. It seems each week this group is getting outmuscled, outhustled just plain outplayed. We have now seen 3 quarterbacks and the same theme has all 3 running for their lives or picking themselves off the ground.

Adrian Peterson’s running game is non-existent with teams destroying the offensive line. In 2013 Peterson is getting hammered at the line consistently and it is only by his own strength that he is getting the extra yards. I worry about an injury to him next with his 2nd and 3rd efforts after getting hit initially.

The play of Josh Freeman showed me that it was too early in his Vikings career to attempt this especially on National TV. The high throws consistently put players in danger of getting killed in the secondary.

 On the flip side I did see some positive with the arm strength and his toughness. The guy took a beating yet kept on getting up. I will say now that the first game is over I look forward to seeing what he can bring to the next game.

Coach Frazier just looks lost and beat. The guy has got to be aging quickly. The ownership will be interesting to see how they handle Monday night’s loss in their home state of New York. I think the world of Leslie but will not be surprised if there is a change soon.

I believe the next game which is on National TV on Sunday night when the Green Bay Packers come to town will be the biggest game for Frazier.

I am sure the Packers have got to be licking their chops but the one hope I have will be the Mall of America fans. I have a bad feeling their will be more Packer fans than usual. A 1-5 record does not eliminate the Vikings but one more loss could seal the fate.

A hope because the division is not that good is if the Vikings could get 2-3 wins in a row we would be right back in the race. First things first and the Vikings must BEAT the Packers.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Last minute thoughts and numbers before Monday night football

I have been such a passionate Vikings fan like the rest of you but last week had something happen I never thought would happen. You ask what? I have been a record I am proud of and that is having season tickets for 14 seasons and never missing a game until last Sunday. My 11 year old daughter’s traveling soccer team made the state tournament in Rochester. I gave my tickets to 2 of my daughters and went to the tourney. The team won the state championship 4-0 over Wayzata. If you were looking for a review obviously you did not see one. My daughters at the game kept me up to date and I can assure you my stomach was sick.

I did watch the game later and the positive person I strive to be had a heck of a time finding something. I did however come up with one and that is the use of Kyle Rudolph, FINALLY.  It has been what I have been hoping for all season especially after his Pro Bowl performance.

This brings me to the game coming up shortly on Monday night football. I am truly excited to see what Josh Freeman has to offer. I recall last season the only home loss was to Tampa Bay lead by Josh Freeman.

Here are some numbers to think about;

Minnesota is 14-11 vs the NY Giants and 8-6 in Minnesota

Minnesota has won 4 of the last 5 meetings. The one loss came in 2010 when the dome collapsed and the game was moved to Detroit.

Minnesota beat New York 41-17 back on 11/25/07 the year the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Minnesota beat New York 44-7 back on 1/3/10 which is the last team Minnesota has scored 40 plus points.

This is Minnesota’s 56th time on Monday night football. The team is looking for their 27th victory on Monday night football which would tie them for 10th most in NFL history.

I know the Giants are favored and being a home team I am not surprised. The way the Vikings got demolished and embarrassed by Carolina I believe we will see a different team.

I know I read the Wilf’s were up at the locker room after the debacle and now Monday the Vikings will be playing in the state the Wilf’s are from. I am truly concerned if the team falls flat on Monday night. I am such a big Frazier fan but I will be concerned about job statuses if the team flops. I just feel the team is too proud to lay an egg two weeks in a row. The game will have more story lines than we as fans can ever understand.

I am picking the Purple to win big 42-21.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Facts and figures in helping you get ready for the Panther's game

It seems like an eternity since the Vikes got their first win of the year. The time has come to talk game day again but not before we need to mention that Winter Park has not exactly been a boring place.

The acquisition of Josh Freeman has been talked about to death and from what I am seeing most of it seems positive. I left Mankato training camp so excited that Ponder would have the year he was supposed to have as a 3rd year starter. It is not over yet officially but I do not believe the team would spend 3 million dollars on a guy to sit on the bench.

The need to win now is becoming loud and clear. The year is not over by any means but when it does end the team is looking at 18 free agents. The decisions that need to be made, the priority of free agents to sign first will be a huge offseason to follow. There are 12 games left so I will enjoy each Sunday even more.

The Vikings on Wednesday did sign Brian Robison to a 4 year extension. I love this signing and I believe it was necessary also believing Robison has earned this. Congrats Brian!!!!

McLeod Bethel Thompson as you know was released and with that my hope is he would survive the 24 hour period in which the Vikes could sign him to the practice squad after time is up. I did not get my wish as the 49ers picked him up. I really think Bethel-Thompson pick up by the 49ers is a great pick up and I hope the Vikes do not regret it.

The stadium development announcing seat licensing fees for a large percent of the seats is a major concern to my wife and me. I have had tickets for 14 seasons but if my seats get the hit I most likely will have to give up my seats. I love the team but also have a family and financial commitments I can’t let down. I am disappointed with this announcement but also add I was not surprised. My seats my not get hit so I will wait and see before I make any decisions.

The announcement that the Minnesota is a finalist for a Super Bowl in 2018 is exciting and I do not see why it would not come here. I still remember watching on TV Buffalo play Washington in the last Super Bowl in 1992. It is hard to believe that is over 20 years ago. Good luck Vikings organization in getting Minnesota this awesome event.


Game time: noon on Fox TV

Broadcast team: Sam Rosen and Brian Billick with Laura Okmin on the sideline.

Las Vegas Odds: Vikes by 2.5


The NFL year is a whack one already and Carolina is part of the madness. Carolina destroys the New York Giants 38-0 and then loses badly to the Arizona Cardinals 22-6.

The Giants are 0-5, but are they that bad to get shut out by Carolina?  Carolina quarterback, Cam Newton gets sacked 7 times by the Cardinals.  This stat has got to fire up Jared Allen and the defensive front in hopes of big numbers like that.


Minnesota leads the series 6 to 4 that includes a 5-2 home record and a 1-2 record on the road.


Vikes Coach Leslie Frazier and Panthers’ Coach on Rivera were teammates on the Bears 1985 Super Bowl team.

Viking’s player, Matt Kalil will be part of a family affair. Matt will be facing his brother Ryan for the first time in their pro careers. Matt and Ryan sister, Danielle will be singing the national anthem. What a day it will be for the Kalil family in Minnesota. I of course hope Matt will be the happier of the two brothers.

Christian Ponder has been a huge topic of discussion of what his future is. It is kind of fitting the last time these 2 teams met in 2011 the Vikings won 24-21 and Ponder got his first NFL win.

The same game Adrian Peterson recorded 76 receiving yards which is a career high. Marcus Sherels returned the opening kick 78 yards which is his longest in his career.

The game on Sunday will be Vikings long snapper, Cullen Loeffler’s 144th game in purple which will tie Mike Morris’s team record.


Adrian Peterson’s 61 touchdown run along with Greg Jennings 70 yard touchdown reception is the first time since 9/21/03 that the team has had a 60 yard run for a TD and a 70 yard catch for a TD in the same game. Jennings 70 yard touchdown was his 7th TD od at least 70 which puts him in 5th place in NFL history and is tied for first with active players.

Matt Cassel’s 10-10 passing in the 2nd half is only the 2nd Vikings quarterback since 1991 to be perfect in the 2nd half with a minimum of 10 passes. The other quarterback was Daunte Culpepper who accomplished this feat back on 11/08/04. Cassels’ 248 yards is also the 2nd most by a Vikings quarterback making his first start in purple.


Cordarrelle Patterson was named September’s NFC Special Player of the month. Congrats to Flash and the Vikings for drafting him.


A WIN OF COURSE, however I would also love to see a complete game and no booing. The last game was nothing but a boo fest. Vikes fans, a lot of teams are losing that are not supposed to lose. If the Vikes can put a string of W’s together anything is possible including the playoffs.


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Numbers to look at from the first 4 games

The bye week is here after a big win in London on Sunday. A great way to go into the bye, but now the question that Vikings fans want to know and that is who will be the starting quarterback next game against Carolina. It is out of the fans hands so let’s look at some facts.

The schedule is a quarter over so now it is time to look at some numbers on how Vikings as team and also individual players are stacking up against the test of the league.


Christian Ponder is 27th in the NFL with 691 yards passing. He has a quarterback rating of 65.9 and a completion rate of 59%.

The number one quarterback in the NFL is Peyton Manning who has thrown for 1470 yards, has qb rating of 138.0 and his completion rate is unbelievable with 75 percent.


Adrian Peterson comes in 2nd with 421 yards and a 4.6 yard average per carry. He also has 5 touchdowns.

Adrian is 2nd to LeSean McCoy (Eagles) who has 468 yards and a 6.0 average per carry. McCoy has 2 touchdowns.


Jerome Simpson is a pleasant surprise coming in at 13th in the league with 19 catches for 342 yards. He is averaging 18 yards per catch.

Julio Jones in number 1 in the league with 33 catches for 481 yards which breaks down to a 14.6 average per catch.


Jared Allen has 3.5 sacks which is good for 12th.  Justin Hunter (Chiefs) and Robert Mathis (Colts) are leading the league with 7.5 If Jared can come out the bye week like a game he had in Pittsburgh he will be climbing the leader board quickly.


Harrison Smith, Chad Greenway and Erin Henderson each have 2 which ties them with 15 other players with this number. The league leaders have 4 and they are: Aqib Talib (Patriots), Alterraun Verner Titans), and Kiko Alonso (Bills).


Chad Greenway has 35 good for 11th in the league and Erin Henderson has 33 good for 17th. The number one man in the league with 42 is Vontaze Burflict (Bengals).



Blair Walsh is 4th in the league for scoring with 37 points. Denver’s Matt Prater is the league leader with 41.

Adrian Peterson is tied for 5th with Jimmy Graham (Saints) and Wes Welker (Patriots) who all have 36 points.


Minnesota’s passing game is 23rd in the league with 895 yards. Denver leads the league with 1455 yards


Minnesota is 8th with 507 yards while Philadelphia Eagles are number 1 with 793 yards.


Minnesota is 24th with 939 yards in reception and Denver is first with 1480 yards.


Minnesota is 4th in the league in scoring with 115 points in 4 games. Denver is number one with 179. Here is something shocking and that is number 2 is Chicago with 127 and 3rd is Detroit with 122. Green Bay is 13thwith 96 points although they did have a bye last week. It is still nice to see them below the Vikes.


Minnesota is last giving up 1304 yards passing while Houston is 1st only giving up 564 yards through the air. It is  sad day to see the Vikes at 32 but I have confidence the team will make adjustments in the bye week.


Minnesota is 13th in the league giving up 419 yards in 4 games. The Carolina Panthers are first giving up 279 yards.


Cordarrelle Patterson is 2nd in the league with 406 yards in returns and in first is Devin Hester (Bears) with 453 yards which most of them came against the Vikings.

I hope you enjoyed reading these stats. The season is far from over and with this bye week I am full of excitement to what kind of product the Vikes will show us the next 12 games.