Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vikings take the charge out of San Diego

The Minnesota Vikings played host to the San Diego Chargers on one of maybe nicest weather days I have taken in at TCF Bank Stadium in the second season at this stadium.

The pregame was so awesome with all-time great and Hall of Fame quarterback, Fran Tarkenton blowing the Gjlarhorn signaling the Vikings are coming. The opening coin toss also involved Vikings legend, Mick Tingelhoff as the Vikings honorary captain. What a great touch involving 2 legendary and Hall of Famers in Tarkenton and Tingelhoff.

The first half was boring compared to the second half and I really thought the Vikings would go into half up 10-0 until the unfortunate third and 18 conversion by the Chargers and from there we see Chargers quarterback, Phillip Rivers connect with Keenan Allen for a touchdown which really quieted the crowd almost in shock considering the Chargers really never showed much life in the first half.

It is the game of football with no for sures. The ensuing kickoff goes to the Vikings with a little over a minute and the Vikings decide to play in conservative ending the first half which really drew out the boo birds. I was of the mind I could not believe the team did not go for points either.

One positive in the first half was kicker, Blair Walsh who connected on a much needed field goal for the team and himself. I was disappointed after the Vikings strip quarterback Rivers deep inn Charger territory and having a chance to get 7 out of it. I really was disappointed when Bridgewater threw what I thought was a catchable ball to Vikings tight end, Kyle Rudolph only to see him drop it. The drive did end in 3 so at least it was points.

Walsh’s kickoffs were as strong as I have seen so far this year as well. The Vikings are up 10-7 at half with the Chargers getting the ball to start the second half so hang on.

The biggest 3 plays of the second half occurred in the first drive by San Diego which I really thought changed the momentum of the game big time.

First Vikes defensive tackle, Tom Johnson sacks Rivers setting up a 4th down deep in Chargers territory then the ensuing punt is taken by Marcus Sherels who had a great return into Chargers side of the ball. The third and maybe the dagger in the Chargers heart was when Teddy handed the ball to Adrian Peterson who we see take it 43 yards for 6. Wow, just like that it is 17-7.

I thought the defense played the best half of the season in the second half of the game. The defensive unit for the second week in a row shut down the opponents run game this time holding Chargers running back, Melvin Gordon to 51 yards.

The interception by Chad Greenway on a tip ball and taking it 91 yards back for 6 sealing the deal might be one of the coolest returns I have ever seen. The wall of 10 defenders that was set up was incredible with no sight of any Chargers at all. I wanted him to score so badly but it did seem like it took forever.

The game was incredible to be at and see so many positives. I really liked the efforts by 2 rookies in particular and they were Trae Waynes who had to replace the injured Xavier Rhodes and I also loved the play of Linebacker, Eric Kendricks who lead the team in tackles.

I loved the play of Anthony Barr along with Mr. Hustle Everson Griffen. It was such a great team effort by the defense and so much appreciated.

On the offensive side of the ball I really loved the amount of players that were involved today such as Adam Thielen and Cordarelle Patterson and yes I know Charles Johnson was hurt but it was still nice to see these 2 contribute positively.

The game by Adrian was amazing to watch and after last week’s fumble problem it was so nice to not see it happen in such an important game in helping the Vikes to get to 2-1 and not 1-2.

The weather was amazing, the team was amazing and in summary it was a great day to be at the Bank and take in a game where we are seeing Minnesota start to look like the team that so many predicted would be a much improved team.

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Todd Walkingstick



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vikings, weather and fans all come out Sunday was winners

The Minnesota Vikings (0-1) played host to the Detroit Lions (0-1) Sunday September 20th at noon. The winner goes 1-1 and even better would be 1-0 in the NFC North. The Vikings were embarrassed on Monday night football against the 49ers while Detroit blew a huge lead last week on the road in San Diego.

The question is which team will come out meaner and hungrier after a tough week 1? The pregame was a great start to a hopeful winning Sunday as former Purple People Eater, Alan Page blew the Gjlarhorn to sound the Vikings were coming.

We also had a military theme as four parachuters  came down on TCF Bank Stadium field with the last one ended up sliding into the Detroit Lions sideline which could have been a major catastrophe but thankfully no one was hurt.

Minnesota’s offense and defense took a beat down Monday night so I was anxious to see the first Minnesota drive and see just how they would respond.

The first drive ends up 11 plays and a touchdown for the exclamation point on a touchdown pass from Bridgewater to Rudolph. I had just told my wife that I predict a pass to Rudolph and there it was. Finally Kyle is used in the red zone and it made the sellout crowd come to their feet.

The defense was up next and just as I hoped the defense came through and Lions are forced to punt. These 2 drives were all I needed to see to get the feeling this just might be our day.

Three plays that really stood out to me that would make a big difference in again a hopeful win were 1) The Bridgewater roll out and put the ball perfectly to Jarius Wright along the sidelines was huge and allowed the drive to continue.

The 2nd was Bridgewaters’ handoff to Adrian who in turn flips it back to Jarius Wright who I thought was going for 6 but it didn’t but still a great chunk of yardage gained.

The third was what I thought the Lions had Teddy for a sack and the next thing we see is an unbelievable risky shuffle to Peterson and there goes Adrian for 40 yards. I know Adrian can be fast but it seemed like he ran out of gas towards the end but still an unbelievable play on both Teddy and Adrian.

Adrian had 70 yards in the first quarter alone was another great sign of things to change in Week 2 at home.

I absolutely loved the defensive effort on the run stopping all day. You look at Monday the team gave up over 230 yards rushing and on Sunday the team allowed 38 yards total lead by Quarterback, Matthew Stafford. You know it’s a great defensive effort when the quarterback is running for his life.

The defensive line really stepped up being led by the ends, Brian Robison and Everson Griffen who I thought had monster games. The interior guys, Shariff Floyd and Linval Joseph played their butts off as well.

I felt Xaxier Rhodes played a great game as well back in the secondary going much of the game vs Calvin Johnson. I don’t believe you can stop him but slowdown was exactly what they did to Johnson. He got his catches and 83 yards but no yards after the catch were monstrous.

Andrew Sendejo 2 weeks in a row was Johnny on the spot with the blocked field goal last Monday and on Sunday he picks up the fumble and comes close to taking it back.

There were so many guys that stepped up Sunday as I add Terrance Newman who made a breakup pass of what I thought was a for sure touchdown to Golden Tate in the first half.

Marcus Sherels who never stops surprising me had a heck of a game in the punt return game. The one he got to the Vikings sideline and somehow stayed in bounds for a few extra yards.

The game Adrian had running the ball was so nice to see but the concern like any other Vikings fan had Sunday was putting the ball way to many times on the turf.

The kicking of Blair Walsh is still concerning going 2-2 in field goal attempts but missed an extra point. I had a fan yell out as Blair was coming on “please don’t send him out he gives me stress when Walsh was about to come in for a field goal attempt.

Overall, the weather was beautiful the crowd was into the game and in the end the team looked way better and as the result gets the much needed win. Yes, I know it’s far from perfect but the positives were way easier to see today

As we were leaving the gates Sunday with people in such a good mood Jimmy John’s was there to hand out what seemed to be thousands of mini subs. It was a unexpected treat and was appreciated by my wife and myself.

There are 14 games and plenty of football left but this Sunday it is one where we can smile and go to bed a lot easier than Monday night tough loss.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Major disappointment comes in Vikings loss

The way last year ended with the team winning the last 3 at home and just playing better football in general then comes the long off season followed by Training Camp and then 5 preseason games in which the team I thought was ready to roll.

The National Media has been talking up the Vikings and even Las Vegas was favorable in giving the Vikings a favorite by 2.5 in San Francisco with excitement all around building.

The day was so full of purple with people wearing their favorite Vikings clothing, then seeing kids come off the bus with some having Vikings jerseys. This long Monday was filled with so much anticipation and excitement.

We at last had football as at 9:20 with the kickoff occurring. I have not felt this confident in a long time with the Vikings being on the road and even a Monday night game in which typically the team struggles. This was going to be a different Monday finally.

The 49ers start with the ball and right off the bat I could not believe how well the 49ers run game came out. This was to be the offseason where the team focused on stopping the run. I sat shaking my head in disbelief watching the 49ers roll with ease. Then finally we catch a break as 49ers were penalized.

The drive ends in a field goal attempt and I thought well that’s not bad only giving up 3 the way the 49ers were gashing the defense. The good problem as we know was Sendejo gets through and blocks the field goal attempt.

I came flying out of my seat as I see Marcus Sherels pick up the ball and yes I thought he was gone for 6. I did not know it at the time but now that I reflect back and see it was just another example of just how much hustle the 49ers had.

The Vikings still got good field position out of it but then the unthinkable with Adrian ready to run the Vikings throw 3 straight times and come up empty and settle for what I thought would be an automatic for Blair Walsh. Yes, I know he struggled in preseason but my gut tells me tonight would be different.

The snap, the hold, the kick and there it goes wide leaving the score tied at 0-0. The rest of the first half reminded me so much of a preseason game with sloppiness and more sloppiness. Penalties, fumbles, incompletions were referred to by the commentators as a comedy of errors making the first half painful to watch.

Then finally a score but by the wrong team and I must say even though it was the 49ers that scored I thought to myself that was an unbelievable run. It did seem to me that the over pursuit did not help the matters.

Referees a we know can’t make a team win or lose but like every other Vikings fan I must throw in my 2 bits about the non-call of pass interference on the Bridgewater to Wallace in the end zone possibly then having the ball first and goal. Was this the play or non-play. Call or no call of the game?


The half was painful yet being only down by 7 made me feel like this game was far from being over. Please score, Vikings and the momentum will be yours.

The injury to Reggie Bush was huge and I thought favorable to the Vikings. I do never want to see anyone get hurt in my favorite sport in the world but how many times has Bush hurt the Vikings defense?

My hope as we know by now was to no avail. I feel I am a positive person in life always looking for good in all.

I struggled in the game to find any glimmer of positivity but here is what I came up with. I thought Jerick McKinnon stood out on offense and on defense I loved Harrison Smith’s hits. The problem with choosing Smith is that means the offensive players got too deep into our defense.

The game is over almost 24 hours ago and I still can’t believe what I watched. I was shocked with the inability to tackle and how the defense just got pushed around all night. It seemed from the start of the game to the end the defense chased all night.

The offensive line got manhandled for a majority of the game. I must give props to Teddy for a different reason and that is the punishment he took on blitzes that he was able to get up.

I am such a fan and had so much heartbreak like all other fans but this game sits towards the top of my list for biggest disappointments.

The field goal the Vikings did get I thought the way the ball was heading right I thought it was going to go wide right but thank God I was wrong.

I believe a good fan gives props where they are due and my props goes to 3 49ers in particular and they are Running Back, Carlos Hyde, Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick and linebacker, NaVorro Bowman.

The 49ers destroyed the Vikings in every aspect of the game and not even I can deny that. The game will make me not feel so bad if the Vikings can open at home Sunday with a big win over the Detroit Lions.

It is football and a 16 game season and yes the 49ers game hurts like heck but I believe the Vikings got a rude awakening and will not disappoint the home fans.

Go Vikings

Thanks for reading

Todd Walkingstick



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vikings-49ers Monday night preview

The Minnesota Vikings travel to play the San Francisco 49ers at Levi Stadium on Monday September 14th at 9:20 CST.

The game will be telecast on ESPN with Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer handling the play by play and Lindsay Czarniak handling the sideline duties.

Minnesota Vikings come in according to Las Vegas as a 2.5 point favorite.

A look back at Teddy Bridgewater’s 2014 Week 13-17

The Vikings quarterback ended on a roll so how will h be able to carry these unbelievable numbers into 2015? I say after the 2015 preseason he more than answered the question.

2014 Week 13-17

-Bridgewater tied for 1st with a 72.1 completion percentage

-2nd with a passer rating of 103.0%

-2nd in yards per pass attempt 8.79

-3rd in TD percent with a 5.7


The Minnesota Vikings defense gave up 113 fewer points in 2014 than 2013 under Coach Zimmer’s defense in his first year. The team rank also rose from 31st to 14th.


-The Minnesota Vikings are 30-23-1 all time in opening day games.

-Adrian Peterson has most rush yards in week 1 amongst all active players with 823 yards in 8 games

-2015 road game vs San Francisco is 3rd consecutive road for the opener

-Vikings return 19 of 22 starters from 2014 team with 10 on defense and 9 on offense

- Vikings are 4-1-1 vs San Francisco in Week 1 all time and Vikings are 1-0-1 in these games on the road

-last time Minnesota traveled to 49ers for Week 1 was back on 9/11/66 and final was 20-20 played in front of 29,312 fans


-Minnesota is 26-30 with home 15-9 and road 11-21

-Vikes have lost 6 in a row on Monday night football


-Vikings vs 49ers is 22-22-1 all time

-Vikings 14-9 at home vs 49ers and 8-13-1 at San Francisco

-last time teams met was 2012 Week 3 Vikings win 24-13

-3rd Monday Night game between these 2 with San Francisco leading 2-1 (1976, 1994 and 1995)


-A win would make 2 consecutive opening day wins both on the road

-4th straight win over San Francisco


-2ND most rush attempts (25-2009)

- Most rush yards (180-2009)

-3 Touchdowns (2009- tied with Daunte Culpepper)

-2 Touchdowns (2012 and 2013)

- Longest run 78 yards tied with Robert Smith


-Jim Tomsula hired January 14,2015

-since 2007 tenure with 49ers team is 1st in allowing only 98.4 yards per game

-2nd overall giving up 3.72 yds rush

-3rd in league only giving up 19.4 per game

-4th in league only allowing 320.9 yards per game

-2011 set NFL record not allowing a rushing TD in the first 14 games then only allowing 3 total for the year which is the fewest since the 16 game schedule came in 9178


-Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick first and foremost must be stopped especially with his scrambling ability

-no Frank Gore so now rookie Carlos Hyde and veteran Regge Bush must be stopped

-top 5 tight end, Vernon Davis must be contained

-wide outs, Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith both with veteran presence will keep Vikings defensive backs busy

-49ers left offensive side with Tackle,Joe Staley and Alex Boone will be a good challenge for Vikings D line


Yes, Monday night football and the Vikings have struggled in recent years but this Monday will not be the case. The Zimmer lead team will show America just why the National Media and Vikings fans think so highly of this team.

The 49ers have lost so much on the defense by way of retirements or other reasons the Vikings must not come in overconfident of which I don’t believe Zimmer will allow to happen.

I can’t wait for the first Bridgewater handoff to Peterson because I believe if not the first handoff but soon after we will see the beast break a big one. I will not be shocked if the 49ers stack the line to dare Minnesota to run. I do not believe they can stop Peterson.

The chance they do eventually stop or slow down Adrian if when the real fun begins as we see Teddy get to play with all of his offensive weapons. Kyle Rudolph down the seam, Jarius Wright cutting across the middle, or how about there goes deep, Mike Wallace? Well 49ers just who do you stop? This is finally the year the defenses have to worry more than just Adrian.

The Vikes will win 30-13 and come home for the next 2 to start off a potential 3-0 before heading to Week 4 in Denver.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Three major reasons the Vikings will be in the 2015 Playoffs

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a 7-9 2014 record which is obviously did not earn a trip to the playoffs however the record is what it is.

I look back and see so much positivity coming into the 2015 season. I looked back at the schedule last season and see the last 7 games after the bye the team finished 3-4 in those games. The part to look at this season to become better was in the 4 losses, 3 on the road and 1 at home the team only lost by about 4 points per game.

It came down to just not being able to hold the lead which can definitely be fixed. The losses were at Chicago by 8, Green Bay at home by 3, then back to back losses by 2 on the road to Miami and Detroit. Yes, 3 were NFC North games which could have been huge turning a 7-9 into an 11-5. Yes, it’s done and over but it’s important the team learns how to finish on the road or at home for this 2015 campaign.

I want to look at reasons the teams can compete for not only the division title but also the playoffs and after that who knows;


I love how the 53 man roster has been built as we have 34 of 53 from the past drafts. Chad Greeneay (2006), Adrian Peterson and Brian Robison (2007), John Sullivan (2008), Phil Loadholt (2009), Everson Griffen (2010), Kyle Rudolph and Brandon Fusco (2011), 2012 has 8 of 10 draft choices on the roster, 2013 has 4 of 9, 2014 has  6 of 10 and 2015 has 8 of 10.

The 2014 had 10 picks with 7 on the roster, and both Yankey and Brandon Watts on the practice squad. Jabari Price must sit out the first 2 games due to a league substance violation so only one is not part of the purple at all and that is defensive back, Kendall James.

I look at the starters and you see Greenway, Peterson, Robison, Sullivan, Griffen, Rudolph, Fusco, Floyd, Rhodes, Locke, Barr, Bridgewater as guys who are performing as we as fans hoped since they are draft picks. Yes, Loadholt is out for the season by 2015 draft pick, Clemmings is now the man to get the job done.

The team has done a much better job of not spending the big bucks in free agency not trying to win the title at all costs rather they are building with youth. Captain Munnerlyn and Linval Joseph have come by way of free agency.

The undrafted rookie free agents have contributed as well as I throw out the names, Adam Thielen and Marcus Sherels.

In summary the team is comprised of a great number of starters who came by way of the draft and sprinkle in very few free agents and a couple rookie free agents and you are building and developing from within.


Mike Zimmer is the man who I feel might just be the greatest coaching hire since Bud Grant. No, I have never met the guy but watching him on TV, listening to the radio this guy is full of confidence on how to build a winner.


I look at the schedule and feel it is strong enough to make the team strong as they will face very tough opponents.

I believe the team can be 13-3 with only possible losses in Denver, at Green Bay and maybe at Atlanta. I never want my team to lose and I no going undefeated in today’s NFL is almost impossible.

I love our home schedule seeing Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, New York Giants, St. Louis, Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit. This is the year where fans will need to make more noise than ever.

I just imagine when the Vikings beat Seattle just how much confidence this team will have.


I know not everything can be perfect so I throw out 2 concerns that I also believe will be fixed and solidified in a short amount of time.

They are the right side of the offensive line with 2 new guys, T.J. Clemmings and Mike Harris and to see how Blair Walsh makes the adjustments in his kicking game. I have full belief in special team coordinator, Mike Priefer and Offensive Line Coach Davidson will give these 3 players are the help they need to get better and be successful.


I have given 3 major reasons the team will have a successful year and the hope of course is the playoffs and then the Super Bowl. Monday night in San Francisco will be a great test for the purple. Yes, several 49ers are no longer on the team and they have a new head coach but when the purple plays like its capable we will come home 1-0 and the next 2 at home.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vikings say goodbye to 23 players on cutdown Saturday

Saturday September 5th, 2015 was the day that saw 32 teams needs to trim at least 23 guys per roster meaning approximately 736 men will be unemployed for anywhere from overnight to may never play a down again in the NFL.

Saturday was a day where I followed twitter late morning until at least 4:00 very heavy to see if any big names around the NFL would be released.

One name that stood out to me was veteran quarterback, Matt Cassel. I really thought when he signed with Buffalo that he would be a starter there. I guess that’s why I am a fan and not a General Manager or Coach in this business.

In other surprise to me was Atlanta Falcons cutting running back, Antone Smith and Jets quarterback, Matt Flynn. How about Tim Tebow? I really thought he might have a chance. Josh Freeman being released by Miami not so much a surprise but this guy just can’t seem to make it. Colt’s releasing Cris Carter’s son, Duron who was close to signing here in the offseason.  Titans release veteran receiver, Hakeem Nicks and Raiders saying goodbye to receiver James Jones who I now have ready may had back to Green Bay.

These may or may not surprise you just wanted to note a few big names that did not make it so now it is time to watch the waiver wire for team drops and adds the next day, week or rest of the season if these players can find a new home. I know I also read Christian Ponder is expected to be dropped or traded by the end of Saturday.

The Minnesota Vikings on Saturday needed to cut 23 to get to the 53 man roster as well. Here is a list of players the team said good bye to but some may be signed to the practice squad as long as they clear waivers.


T Babatunde Aiyegbusi

DT Chigbo Anunoby

DE B.J. DuBose

G Isame Faciane

C Tom Farniok

WR Donte Foster

WR Isaac Fruechte

S Anthony Harris

RB DuJuan Harris

DT Greg Hickman

DE Leon Mackey

LB Michael Mauti

LB Brian Peters

CB Shaun Prater

FB Blake Renaud

CB Josh Thomas

T Tyrus Thompson

C Bob Vardaro

LB Brandon Watts

WR Ryan Whalen

RB Dominique Williams

OL David Yankey

I look at this list and really no big shocks from rather the word disappointed comes to mind with draft picks that did not make it.

DE- B.J. DuBose, LB- Michael Mauti, T- Tyrus Thompson and LB- Brandon Watts and OL- David Yankey made it 5 draft choices that currently are not on the 53 man roster.

The Vikings had 10 picks in the 2015 draft and only 2 of 10 did not make it with DuBose and Thompson being released.

This article was written about 5:30 CST on Saturday September 5th, 2015 and by tomorrow the 53 man roster I am 99 percent certain will have a different name on it,

The Vikings did make a trade with the San Diego Chargers to obtain an OL Jeremiah Sirles who played college at the University of Nebraska, It sounds like this guy was a real well like guy last year in San Diego and I also believe Nebraska puts out some of the finest offensive lineman in the NFL.

 I will add with the current roster I am thrill for Adam Thielen to make it as well as Marcus Sherels once again. I must send a congrat to quarterback, Tyler Heinicke too.

I believe in Coach Zimmer and everything he does so if this is the roster Zimmer, the coaching staff and GM Rick Spielman believe we can compete with well then they have must trust completely.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vikings-Tennessee Titans Preview

The Minnesota Vikings play in their last preseason game of the year as they travel to play the Tennessee Titans (1-2) at Nissan Field at 7:00pm on Thursday September 3, 2015.

The game will once again be simulcast on KFAN 100.3FM and Fox TV with the play by play call by Paul Allen and Pete Bercich. The sideline will be handled by Ben Leber and Greg Coleman.

The Vikings have played Tennessee 7 times in the preseason through the years and have a winning record of 6-1 against the Titans.

The regular season battles between these 2 teams finds Minnesota has an 8-4 winning record with a 7-1 record at home and 1-3 on the road.


-Titans TE coach, Mike Mularkey played for the Vikings from 1993-1998

-Vikings Defensive Back Coach, Jerry Gray held the same position for Tennessee from 1999-2000 and was Tennessee’s Defensive Coordinator from 2011-2013


-Titans running back, David Cobb was a draft choice in 2015 out of the University of Minnesota where he played from 2011-2014 for the Gophers


Total net Yards

Minnesota 1183 Opponent 985

Total net yards rushing

Minnesota 362 Opponent 361

Total Net yards passing

Minnesota 821 Opponent 624

Quarterback passing percent

Minnesota 75.6% Opponent 50.8

Total TD’s

Minnesota 11 Opponent 5

3rd down efficiency

Minnesota 27.5% vs opponent 27.3%

Scoring Quarter by Quarter

Minnesota       12  44  25  7  0  0- 88

Opponent          9  26  10  0  0  0- 45

As you can see Minnesota has outscored their opponent 32-10 in the 2nd half and even better has not given up a 4th quarter point all preseason



Dominique Williams 20-93

DuJuan Harris 18-66

Matt Asiata 15-60

Joe Banyard 18-51 (cut this past week)


Jerick McKinnon 10-77

Matt Asiata 8-67

Chase Ford 8-37

Adam Thielen 7-104

Stefon Diggs 7-89

Kyle Rudolph 7-61


Teddy Bridgewater  29-35 295 yds 82.9%

Tyler Heinicke 30-41 237 yds 73.2%

Shaun Hill 25-34 236 yds 73.5%

Mike Kafka 9-13 75 yards 69.2

Total quarterbacks  93 for 123 completions is unbelievable and Bridgewater’s 82.9 is downright amazing


Stefon Diggs  9-188  20.9 avg


Cordarrelle Patterson 3-157  52.3 avg


Gerald Hodges  12

Erick Kendricks 10

Andrew Sendejo 8

Anthony Harris, Tom Johnson and Trae Waynes with 7


Minnesota has 10 with Tom Johnson leading the way with 2


- Minnesota Franchise Founded- January 28, 1960

- Vikings first game ever September 17, 1961 Minnesota beats Chicago Bears 37-13

- Vikings All Time record (Regular season and playoffs) 457-401-10

- Vikings Home Record 271-155-4

   - Metropolitan Stadium (1961-1981) 97-59-4

   - HHH Metrodome (1982-2013) 168-92-0

   - TCF Bank Stadium (2014-present) 5-4-0

- Vikings road record all time- 185-241-6

Thanks for reading enjoy the Tennessee game and then get ready for the Monday night Week 1 game in San Francisco

Go Vikes

Todd Walkingstick