Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC

Harrison Smith Mr Nice guy in TC
Hardest hitting safety in the NFL

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vikings surprising in free agency

The Minnesota Vikings had said they did not plan to be too much into activity of free agency rather building through the draft.  I was split on my feelings but I do like maybe better building with youth.

The last 2 weeks has been a pleasant surprise with the team’s activities in the free agency. No, they are not spending millions of dollars on players rather getting guys who are still young and giving them shorter contracts.

The one exception would be the signing of former Vikings quarterback, Shaun Hill. I like the move bringing a guy who has a lot of veteran experience he cab share with Teddy. I believe Teddy should feel safe that he is the starter and Hill will be there for advice in helping Teddy grow as a professional.

The Vikings also signed DuJuan Harris, former Packers running back to create some competition in case Peterson does not come back. Harris is 5’8” inches tall and weighs 206. I will not mention my thoughts about AP because the subject is old and has been overly talked about in the media.

The team has also resigned long snapper, Cullen Loeffler and also resigned offensive lineman, Joe Berger.

The biggest shock happened on Friday March 13th when I was actually in Miami on a trip and happened to go to the Dolphin pro shop where a life size, Mike Wallace action figure was in the middle of the shop. I took a picture of it only to find out on the plane trip home the Vikings had traded for him. I was in absolute shock and disbelief.

I was in Wisconsin the day the Vikings had signed Greg Jennings two years ago so I question myself where should I go next?

The release of Jennings the day after the trade for Wallace was disappointing for me but also know a lot of dollars would be tied up in these two receivers.

Tuesday, March 24th two more free agents signed contracts to play for the Vikings. Taylor Mays and Casey Matthews signed to play this upcoming season for the Purple.

Mays, in his 6th year was drafted 49th in the 2nd round by the San Francisco 49ers. He was in 66 games and started 10 of those. He has 57 career tackles. In 2013 in Mike Zimmer’s final year as defensive coordinator for Cincinnati Mays had 21 tackles. In 2014 Mays played in all 16 games but primarily on special teams. Taylor had a blocked punt last season. I am excited to see what an ex-Zimmer play and now reunited with old coach can do in the defensive scheme. Welcome to Minnesota, Taylor.

The team then announced the signing of former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Casey Matthews who is in his 5th year. He spent the first 4 years with the Eagles playing in 65 games over that span and started 15 of them.

In 2014 Matthews had 62 tackles and 1.5 sacks and in his career total has 109 sacks and 2.5 sacks. Welcome to Minnesota, Casey. It should be an interesting Packer- Vikings battle even more with Clay (Packers) and Casey (Vikings) seeing each other.


The Vikings for now have picks: 11, 45, 76, 110, 137, 228 and 232. They will have no 6th round picks and two, 7th rounders. This of course could change if a trade is made before the draft.


Yes, the draft is in Chicago this year. This will be the year of the 50th Super Bowl so many celebrations will occur during the season. The first will happen at the draft where gold carpet will be laid outside the draft headquarters for players to walk on as they enter the building.


This is the 50th Super Bowl as I stated earlier and what the NFL has done has scheduled 19 games throughout the year featuring old Super Bowl matchups. The Vikings get to be one of the 19 as they play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the annual Hall of Fame game.

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